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The deployment of three ministries to defuse steel overcapacity – Sohu, the national development and Reform Commission, Ministry of industry, the SASAC recently held a joint defuse steel overcapacity deployment teleconference. The meeting proposed to formulate defuse steel overcapacity implementation plan, proposed capacity out of scale, enterprise scale and exit timetable, and study and formulate special award for the use of funds management approach. The meeting pointed out that to accurately grasp the steel industry to resolve overcapacity task requirements, closely around the research, deployment and promote the work to promote the steel industry supply side structural reform. To adhere to the market forced enterprises and local organizations, the central support, focus, according to the law principle, and handle the "ban live" "enough" to "upgrade" three main tasks, a total ban on new steel capacity, according to the law, through the exit guide way to take the initiative to withdraw from the exit of excess capacity iron and steel, iron and steel industry to promote the transformation and upgrading. The meeting stressed that the current focus on six aspects of work. One is to establish a system of organization and leadership, the relevant departments to speed up the establishment of the steel industry to resolve the overcapacity turnaround development of the inter ministerial joint conference system, the formation of the provincial leading group to the relevant places before the end of March. The two is to formulate the implementation plan, the national development and Reform Commission, the Ministry of industry jointly with the relevant departments and the provincial people’s government, the SASAC signed letters of responsibility, as the basis for assessment of task completion. The three is the introduction of supporting policies and measures as soon as possible, special policies and measures to develop 8 aspects of Taxation, finance, social security, land, environmental protection, quality, safety etc.. Four is involved in enterprise employees transfer, placement, re employment and other issues, "one policy to study and formulate plans to respond firmly to ensure social stability. Five is to strengthen the supervision and inspection mechanism, the completion of the annual task to the public, accept social supervision, perfect the effective incentive and restraint mechanisms, the unfinished task of the local governments and enterprises to be accountable. Six is to strengthen policy interpretation, respond to social concerns, to resolve excess capacity work to create a good atmosphere of public opinion. Author: Liu Liliang, China Securities Journal

三部委部署化解钢铁过剩产能-搜狐证券   国家发改委、工信部、国资委近日联合召开化解钢铁过剩产能工作部署电视电话会议。会议提出,抓紧制定化解钢铁过剩产能实施方案,研究提出产能退出总规模、分企业退出规模及时间表,并抓紧研究制定专项奖补资金使用管理办法。  会议指出,要准确把握钢铁行业化解过剩产能的任务要求,紧紧围绕推动钢铁行业供给侧结构性改革来研究、部署和推动工作。要坚持市场倒逼企业主体,地方组织、中央支持,突出重点、依法依规的原则,统筹处理好“禁住”“退够”“升级”三个方面主要任务,全面禁止新增钢铁产能,通过依法依规退出、引导主动退出等方式切实退出钢铁过剩产能,推动钢铁行业转型升级。  会议强调,当前要重点做好六方面工作。  一是抓紧建立组织领导体系,有关部门加快建立钢铁行业化解过剩产能实现脱困发展部际联席会议制度,各有关地方3月底前务必完成省级领导小组的组建工作。  二是抓紧制定实施方案,国家发改委、工信部会同有关部门与省级人民政府、国务院国资委签订责任书,作为考核任务完成情况的依据。  三是尽快出台配套政策措施,抓紧研究制定财税、金融、社会保障、国土、环保、质量、安全等8个方面的专项政策措施。  四是针对涉及企业职工转岗、安置、再就业等问题,“一企一策”地研究制定应对预案,坚决确保社会稳定。  五是强化监督检查和考核机制,将任务年度完成情况向社会公示,接受社会监督,健全有效的激励和约束机制,对未完成任务的地方和企业要予以问责。  六是加强政策解读,回应社会关切,为化解过剩产能工作营造良好舆论氛围。  作者:刘丽靓来源中国证券报)相关的主题文章: