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Suichang landslide death toll rose to 17 people   have lost 10 people — Hainan window – typhoon "catfish", September 28th, about 17:28, Zhejiang province Suichang County town village north of Jiangsu landslides, causing heavy casualties and property losses. According to official sources said, as of now, a total of 17 people were rescued, has confirmed the death of 17 people, the 10 are still lost contact. It is reported that the landslides landslides caused by more than 40 cubic meters, 20 houses were buried, 17 houses water. At 23:50 on October 6th Xu, on-site search and rescue out of 1 people, confirmed no signs of life; at 4:15 on October 7th Xu, the scene and rescue out of the 1 people, confirmed no signs of life. So far, 27 people lost contact with the search and rescue has been out of the 17 people, confirmed no signs of life, there are still 10 people lost contact. In the search and rescue forces continued fighting parties and large mechanical equipment reinforcements, as of 14 pm on October 6th, the lake water level is 328.96 meters, is the highest lake water level 339 meters, down 10.04 meters, compared to October 5th at 8 in the morning (level 330.41 meters) down to 1.45 meters, the lake water volume of about 28 thousand cubic meters. Currently, the search and rescue work is still in full swing. Continue to strengthen the real-time monitoring for 24 hours on the unstable lake dam, above the mountain rescue workers, to carry out dynamic monitoring of lake water level, water inflow channel flow downstream, and prevent the occurrence of secondary disasters; carry out health and epidemic prevention and surveillance work, completed the disaster site and the site direct disinfection area of 359 thousand and 800 square meters, 24 hours monitoring of water quality, ensure the safety of water quality; to do psychological counseling for the victims and rescue workers; at the same time, continue to do the resettlement of the affected people, Su Village resettlement area plot began farming delamination since 5, is now stepping up the pavement construction, foundation excavation has been started, to determine the Su village settlements planning and design; intensify the disaster after the temporary settlements housing repair work. It is reported that the next step, the Ministry will continue to spare no effort to rescue the rescue, the families of the victims and the resettlement of the affected people to help, disaster reconstruction and geological hazards investigation and remediation work. (commissioning editor Lu Shaoxiong and Jiang Chengliu)相关的主题文章: