Intermediary actually telling buyers forced its loans in secret trick pp点点通2006

Intermediary actually telling buyers forced its secret loans which Maoni intermediary actually telling buyers forced its loans in secret trick

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event intermediary buyers actually conceal forced mortgage loans for the application

recently, Guangdong finance received rebellion, Guangzhou citizens Mr. Zhang to the Guangzhou provident fund center provident fund loan application materials submitted was rejected, the reason is actually a state-owned bank has handled a sum of loans for the purchase of a portfolio, and he has no knowledge. What the hell is going on?

The original

, Mr. Zhang Haizhuqu District spotted somewhere in a second-hand housing, the purchase and confirmation of a company called "Tak Shing" intermediary company communication. However, the intermediary company staff actually did not get the case in the case of Mr. Zhang, Mr. Zhang forcibly handed over to the mortgage companies, mortgage companies immediately handed over the material to the state-owned bank. Amazingly, Mr. Zhang did not take his ID card to the intermediary, the mortgage companies and the bank, the loan was run down, and Mr. Zhang did not receive any messages or phone to notify the bank in the whole process.

until Mr. Zhang with another commercial bank to Guangzhou fund center to submit materials, ready to apply for loans, only to find out the truth. Mr. Zhang said on the loan he completely in the dark, and it expired he has not signed any documents, intermediary, mortgage companies and banks are not his ID card, why can do under the loan?

subsequently, Mr. Zhang immediately contact the staff of the agency asked, and rushed to handle the loan for its branch. At the beginning, the agency also denied, however, not long after, Mr. Zhang received two text messages, said in a text message, Mr. Zhang’s loan fund has been canceled. Zhang said quite angry, when the time has not passed his consent, and now canceled without his consent!

Zhang received a canceled loan SMS

but unexpectedly, the state-owned bank and mortgage companies to Mr. Zhang to apologize and admit the existence of non-compliance in the process of handling. Mortgage companies said the agency to buy the house information to them, just by the company’s new employees received, did not verify the information that mr.. The bank gives the explanation is that the purpose of doing so is to help customers reserve line.

in this incident, Mr. Zhang is very lucky, did not cause economic losses, only delayed the time. Insiders told the big Guangdong finance, which is not the case, many of the business is not familiar with or weaker buyers, they can only be manipulated at random.

intermediary, mortgage companies and the bank was able to handle the business in the absence of any customer authorization, which is really alarming. These are tricky?

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