Zhang Aijia and his new husband and wife into the couple choose not to choose the star angle 下北glory days

Zhang Aijia and Tian Zhuangzhuang: a couple of new angle "love each other" star selected Sina entertainment news on September 10th, by Zhang Aijia from the new movie "self love dating" held in Zhengzhou boot conference, directed by Zhang Aijia and starring Tian Zhuangzhuang, Lang Yueting, Song Ningyi debut, the film line-up for the first time exposure. The famous director Tian Zhuangzhuang to the actors, and Zhang Aijia partner starred in a couple, they are not suitable for on-site use, said time director himself dismissed. Commenting on the collaboration, film actor Song Ning is several degrees sob, admits that she is not a star, can be moved by Zhang Aijia’s favor and trust. Director Zhang Aijia also said, that he cast by instinct, good play is the key, bluntly, select actors do not choose star. The film is still a literary piece, leaving the audience to imagine "secret love" is the first completely blind director Zhang Aijia in the mainland filming and production of the film, with the grandmother Qianfen for clues, tells the story of three generations of women’s family and love story. The story takes place in the hinterland of the Central Plains of Henan, Zhengzhou. According to director Zhang Aijia, Zhengzhou is a rapidly developing city, new and old, is a microcosm of dramatic changes in the China, the movie is about in such a large environment of human and human relations will be how to change the problem. Turning to the new work, director Zhang Aijia claimed that investors declare in no uncertain terms, although not love his movies as "art film", but "love each other" in the final analysis is still a literary piece, she is still accustomed to the theme of women. As for the role, she revealed that she starred in a more than and 50 year old "old woman", is a teacher, facing retirement, the mother left, the daughter also moved out, all the familiar environment seems to be away from her. Asked about creative inspiration, Zhang Aijia bluntly each play has its own deep secret. As for why the secret, she said she would like to say it, otherwise it will limit the imagination of the audience. The film casting concern, as long as the star Zhang Aijia not to play well again after twelve years of self-directed speech, director Zhang Aijia specially recruited earlier in the "Wu Qingyuan" in collaboration with director Tian Zhuangzhuang, invited his partner starred in a couple. As to why the preferred director Tian Zhuangzhuang, Zhang Aijia claimed to emerge by Tian image in the writing stage in the brain, joked that the last time cooperation is relatively short, this time can eat together and sleep together the director. Asked why Tian guide agreed he admits that although choice of cleanliness, but in the face of Zhang Aijia’s invitation, he had to come. However, the conference site, director Tian Zhuangzhuang repeatedly claimed that he is not suitable, at any time waiting for director Zhang Aijia expelled himself. As the film actress, after Lang Yueting and Zhang Aijia in the "gorgeous white-collar workers" have the cooperation, and the director Zhang "Pro mother to call his" no pressure, one side of Song Ning is not, lamented his great pressure. He said, are finally determined from contact star, thanks to director Zhang Aijia Lipaizhongyi, they get a chance so precious, more generous bluntly, you are not a star, the emotional place, choked several times. Zhang Aijia is the favorite for the song Ning declare in no uncertain terms, said he rarely seen)相关的主题文章: