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Draft: electricity supplier shall perform the obligation of seven days no reason to return – Sohu news Beijing News (reporter Li Tingting) yesterday, SAIC announced the "network buy goods seven days no reason to return the implementation measures (Draft)", from now on to the public for comments. "Draft" clear, online commodity sellers should perform seven days no reason to return obligations. Return, should ensure that the goods in good condition, and should be returned with the gift. The measures shall come into force as of March 15, 2017. After the trial value from large goods does not apply according to this method, the network seller of goods shall perform the obligation of seven days no reason to return. Choose no reason to return consumers should receive the goods within seven days from the date of return notice. The Seller shall return the commodity price paid to the consumer within seven days from the date of receipt of the returned goods. What goods do not apply no reason to return? The reporter learned from SAIC, in addition to the four types of goods new consumer law provisions, the draft defines three categories of goods does not apply. The nature of the goods, which changes affect the safety or health of goods easily after unpacking after activation or after the trial; value from large commodity; merchandise sales have been expressly near the shelf life of goods, defective. Punishment, the network seller of goods in violation of the relevant provisions of the unauthorized expansion of Na seven days no reason to return a range of goods, shall be given a warning, ordered to correct; refuse to correct, punishable by ten thousand yuan to thirty thousand yuan fine. Kaifeng inspection does not affect the "intact" can return the draft requirements, consumers should be returned goods intact. What is good? Draft to be provided, the product can maintain the original quality, function, the goods themselves, accessories, trademarks and other complete, as a commodity intact. Beyond the quality and function of commodity inspection and confirmed to use commodities, resulting in commercial value from large, as well. Opened for goods can return, "the draft" proposed regulations, consumers need to open the inspection based on the packaging of goods, or to confirm the quality of the goods, and the reasonable debugging function does not affect the goods in good condition. This means that, after the inspection of goods parcels Kaifeng, does not affect its good still return. In addition, consumers should return the goods themselves, accessories and gifts are returned. Including complimentary gifts in kind, integral, vouchers, coupons etc.. If the gift can not be returned, the operator may require consumers to pay the price of the gift price. Goods returned by the freight generated by the consumer. Consumers with integral, vouchers, coupons and other forms of payment, the seller of goods should be based on the corresponding network form in the consumer goods return return. "The return of goods should be set up business zone" in the head of the Consumers Association lawyers, lawyer Qiu Baochang said, "the measures mentioned in the activation or after the trial value from large commodity Na seven days no reason to return, this provision is questionable. He explained that this is mainly for electronic goods, activated after trial returns.相关的主题文章: