Zhou Shengsheng’s first half profit fell 50% to shrink the store fight in the mainland is difficult naughty怎么读

Zhou Shengsheng’s first half profit fell 50% to shrink the store fight in the mainland is difficult to break Zhou Shengsheng’s first half profit plunged 50% to shrink the store he moved to the mainland to break " " Zhang Yushi Ying Jing difficult to mainland tourists in reduced purchasing power is declining. The first half of 2016 earnings on international Limited by Share Ltd Holdings Hongkong one of four big jewelers, operating income and profit both recorded a decline, turnover fell 16% to HK $7 billion 801 million, profit fell 50% to HK $364 million. During the period, a total of 2 stores closed, one is located in Harbour City, a Disney Park in Hongkong. The company said the sharp decline in profits was due to the sale of shares in the same period in 2015 recorded a revenue of 246 million yuan. After the first half earnings release, the stock fell. In September 8th, Guotai Junan International announced that maintain reduction rating and Chow Sang Sang said, " the 2016 interim results of the company below the market consensus and our estimates. At the same time reduce the Hong Kong and Macao and mainland jewelry store sales growth assumptions. Hongkong and Mainland China jewelry market business environment is still difficult, and not see signs of improvement. " for the decline in performance of the company and reduce the stores and so on, "Chinese business daily" reporters call to Zhou Shengsheng Group International Limited (hereinafter referred to as the " group; Zhou Shengsheng " Zhou Shengsheng), group customer service responded that will give the headquarters of information feedback, if there is a need to contact the reporter. As of press time reporter, did not receive a reply from the group. The decline in the performance of the first half of this year profit plunged 50% reporters through the analysis results found that the first half of 2016, the Zhou Shengsheng group jewelry retail business fell 16% to HK $6 billion 870 million, other business fell 14% to HK $930 million. Retail sales accounted for 88% of the group’s turnover. Hongkong and Macao sales fell 26%. Same store sales fell 26%. Zhou Shengsheng group said that due to the rise in the price of gold, the total weight of gold sold fell nearly 30%. Inlaid jewelry sales since 2015 has not reversed the downward trend. Macao is still facing the phenomenon of tourists. The store is located in a shopping mall. Within the period of lease relief, because of the large shop lease will be in the last quarter of this year to conduct a review. Continued rental expenses increased by 2%. Rent reduction between the 3%~21% and the continuation of the lease. Capital expenditure of HK $fourteen million, mostly for shop renovation and plant upgrades. Gold sales also suffered blocked, same store sales growth of 13%, while jewelry inlaid jewelry to keep rising momentum. For the opening of new stores and 29 stores and so on the capital expenditure of five hundred and one million yuan. Taiwan retail market is still weak. No significant change in performance over the same period in 2015. It is worth noting that online sales continued to grow, accounting for 10% of mainland sales. Sales accounted for a large proportion of gold products. In this regard, Zhou Shengsheng group, said the first half of 2016 is full of surprises and challenges, especially in Hongkong than the mainland. Hongkong and the mainland real estate market continued weakness and stock.相关的主题文章: