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The Commission "Internet plus" summit, 2 year old car why attention by the Fed? Sohu – tech Texun November 18th news: Shenzhen enterprises is a global configuration of innovation resources, seek from OEM to create innovative changes, occupy a high position in the global division of labor in the production of knowledge and innovation. Held in Zhejiang Wuzhen Chinese "Internet" conference at the same time, November 16th, in Shenzhen City, jointly sponsored by the national development and Reform Commission and the Ministry of the "2016" China Internet plus "summit" held is also like a raging fire. Figure 1:2016 deputy director of the "Internet plus" summit of national development and Reform Commission Lin Nianxiu, Vice Minister of industry and information technology Huai Jinpeng, Shenzhen mayor Xu Qin and other leaders went to the site, and delivered an important speech. Shenzhen City fed car technology companies as the energy field only successfully selected "China" Internet plus "practice" PARKnSHOP private company, at the meeting of popular attention. Yang Xuyong, vice president of the company, became the youngest invited guests. Figure 2: Hello car technology VP Yang Xuyong Internet in 2016 "Internet plus" summit +, a feast of innovation Premier Li Keqiang has repeatedly said, "’Internet plus’ action plan, to promote mobile Internet, cloud computing, big data, networking and other combined with modern manufacturing industries." The summit, an important theme is, for the national development and Reform Commission held in the first half of the "Chinese" Internet plus "action" PARKnSHOP practice case selection activities to do a perfect — they will summarize these cases into a book, in the hundreds of guests witnessed the release, "Internet plus" summit pushed to a new climax. Figure 3: "feed car smart energy case": "platform Internet plus" oil station, to create "smart oil station" ecological "development and Reform Commission deputy director Lin Nian Xiu said that one goal of the summit, is to implement the" State Council on promoting "Internet plus" action guidance ". An important selection done combing China’s economic and social fields and the Internet integration of innovation and development of the typical case and practical experience. The selected "Internet plus" 100 cases of enterprises, is the industry leader. It can guide and help local enterprises, explore new ideas, promote pragmatic Internet plus action, through the display of innovation practices in various industries and advanced experience, promote the innovation of traditional industry technology and enhance energy efficiency, accelerate the integration between the government, capital and innovation of enterprises, to further promote the innovation ability of the society. Among them, in the field of smart energy, feed car technology as the only one station "Internet plus" promotion and the refined oil retail oil for private enterprises, and Shenzhen power, Datang Group, China electric power construction, XJ Group (belonging to the national grid), committed to the energy supply direction of the supply side reform and industrial upgrading to change the traditional energy sector. Figure 4: list of some enterprises selected "Internet plus" PARKnSHOP case Shenzhen is "the design of UNESCO, the spirit of innovation is the core of Shenzhen. Born in this fertile land to grow up to feed the car technology, the current team of more than 150 people, among them]相关的主题文章: