Fujian Ji boss ran to steal gold worth millions of money for wife tube tightly rewrite攻略�

Fujian Ji boss worth millions went to steal gold because of tight money tube fence wife identified location of this group of pictures of Fujian Zhang this year 37 years old by the Banan police for map identify the crime scene surveillance captured the crime process opened three gold shop in Chongqing, worth thousands of yuan. But because the wife usually the money too strict, in the red outside he owed lead a gay life, a bunch of money. So, he was hot headed together with another man, the implementation of the theft of a gold shop Mudong Town, a total of seventy or eighty kinds of stolen gold, involving about 390 thousand yuan. Yesterday, Banan police informed that the arrest of the suspect Zhang and his associates Liu xingju. Shop 390 thousand yuan gold take wings to itself in October 2nd at 10 pm, Mudong town Banan district police station received a gold shop owner Mr. Chen call, he said his shop was stolen seventy or eighty rings, worth about 390 thousand yuan. It is understood that Mr. Chen from Fujian Putian, last year in the Woods Hole Town opened a company called "Hongkong gold" shop, since the opening, business has been good. As usual in store attic, plus the trouble, shop at the end of every night, Mr. Chen did not put the counter gold away in the safe. Due to National Day during the gold sales season, Mr. Chen early to prepare for the next large number of sources. October 2nd at 8 o’clock in the evening, Chen closed the door to go out for dinner, after dinner is around 10. When he returned to the store, the key to open the door, but found that the door was not locked. Puzzled Mr. Chen opened the door, suddenly be startled at: I saw the counter value of about 390 thousand yuan a total of seventy or eighty gold, platinum ring, and the silver shop has take wings to itself, and the jade intact, Mr. Chen immediately alarm. The thief is worth millions of gold shop owner after receiving the alarm, police immediately rushed to the scene investigation, and the transfer of the video store. Police found the night before 9 pm, wearing a hat, men wearing masks by the technical unlocking way, open the door of the shop after the implementation of the theft. The whole process of committing the crime is only a short span of 20 minutes, the suspect succeeded and then quickly came out from the store, do not forget to close the shutter door. Police dress up from the suspects to judge, this is a premeditated theft. The police immediately after visits to the investigation and video tracking, quickly locked the suspect Zhang, and in October 12th in Qijiang District, a gold shop and arrested him. According to Zhang’s confession, another suspect Liu was arrested soon. Two criminal acts on their own the gold shop theft confessed all the stolen goods stolen by the police to recover. Police interrogation Zhang learned that Zhang from Fujian, Putian, 37 years old, in 2001 to do business in Chongqing. Among his peers, Zhang is a successful person, in Qijiang, Jiangbei and other places were opened three shop, net worth thousands of yuan. Henpeck make debt motive for the girl, Zhang said, because he made a number of girls in overhead, but because the wife put the money too strict, it forced him to go on the road of crime. Banan District Public Security Bureau police detachment Zhang police officers, after investigation, although.相关的主题文章: