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The Mid Autumn Festival: 5 billion developers Mangqiang "registration fee" is not a thing of gold nine silver ten, the Mid Autumn Festival coincided with the annual real estate sales season. But in the hot city, home buyers have the Mid Autumn Festival is not comfortable, they are busy, busy, look at the real bargain, busy busy raising money to do a variety of procedures. Even so hard, they do not pay the expected return. For example, about the people of Beijing Wang, September 16th morning fancy a suite after lunch, after dinner back to the sales offices, the sales staff said not to sell, because the developers just put the pricing table away, ready to raise prices. According to the Beijing evening news, the Mid Autumn Festival, the property market is very hot, more than hot cities, some of the two or three cities also ranked among them. Consumers rush to grab the room, developers are busy looting. In Nanjing, from September 19th to September 22nd, 27 plots from a number of popular areas will focus on the auction. In order to prepare for this round of land grab war, there is a developer actually paid a total of up to 5 billion yuan, the registration fee"! Nanjing auction 27 plots in early July this year, Nanjing land auction for the first time the implementation of circuit breakers in July 8th, the land auction, 8 plots in 7 pieces because exceed the maximum limit is broken, namely liupai. Subsequent land auction, but also the continuation of the previous results, one after another was blown. The introduction of the land auction circuit breakers, in order to control the land auction premium rate is too high, but on the contrary, Nanjing land auction frequently because the price is too high to be broken, simply can not sell, which further contributed to the Nanjing property market unpopular event. Broadcast to Tencent micro-blog Nanjing price trend, the data source: the rent at the beginning of August, Nanjing launched a new land auction, land to land auction network circuit breakers. Nanjing new regulations, when the online auction to the highest price, there are still more than 2 units to stop bidding, online auction, Yaohao to bid, and on the basis of the highest price plus an increase in price. September 19th, Nanjing land market will usher in the new deal for the first time review". According to the announcement of Nanjing Land Bureau show that from September 19th to September 22nd, 27 plots from Jiangning, Jiangbei, Xianlin, kylin and other popular areas, will focus on the auction, the final auction results will come in September 23rd. Developers have to pay 5 billion deposit in Nanjing, developers have to get to the extent of madness. Nanjing Land Bureau statistics show that in the first half of this year, Nanjing 32 plots of land transactions, 27 plots premium transaction, of which 14 plots premium rate of 100%~200%, the land premium rate of over 200% cases. After the experience of the suppression of the fuse, the land market in Nanjing may burst out more energy. Nanjing Land Bureau statistics show that the 27 plots of the launch of the Nanjing has attracted nearly 40 enterprises participating, including Vanke, Poly Real estate, South Building, Metro and other big housing prices in. According to the Nanjing land auction rules, bids for 20 plots, the need to pay 5 billion yuan bid bond, a daily economic news interview to participate in the auction to the developers, developers have to pay 5 billion"相关的主题文章: