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Liu Yan first joined the emotional reality show Jia Ling suspected with Sohu   entertainment Dapeng; Indoorsman goddess Liu Yan Sohu entertainment news recently, Indoorsman goddess Liu Yan recorded in Xiamen reality show, the crowd broke the news that Liu met Iwamoto Taka in Xiamen. Liu Yan wore a white dress, was proud of it, as in the past is full, this is Liu Yan first recorded the emotional reality show. Since the show goddess information published, Liu Yan became the target power Indoorsman are eager to show, and how beautiful goddess Liu Yan will mate, and will be selected from a male guest has also become a hot topic of the majority of users. Before the show has the exposure of Cecilia Cheung and Cyndi Wang, and after Cecilia Cheung and Shen Mengchen bestie recorded in Changbai Mountain show was the crowd, Cyndi Wang and Tao Aiqing Cheng Hainuo Ming also caused a great disturbance in the body network. Now Liu Yan will take a partner. What an bestie and has become a hot topic people eat melon. Since the previous Bao Beier Bridesmaid photos of the incident came after Jia Ling brave attempt to save the beauty by netizens widely praise, as always being jealous of the gay topic goddess Liu Yan, combined with Jia Ling’s bestie convinced. Plus the previously suspected Jia Ling was photographed with a new boyfriend intimate kiss cuddle, even hate long "linger goddess new boyfriend, to help the emotional bestie mate show also behoove. There are friends that Liu Yan and Mirs is 10000 years good gay friend, "self? Since the explosion of red silk men", as a couple, and Liu Yan has been ambiguous relationship between the ROC continuously. The ROC had in his book dedicated a chapter to write the story of Liu Yan and the unknown. As a married person, is once more stunned in chat show said: "if I can marry again, Liu Yan". The movie "pancake man" is this feeling will be the climax, Liu Yan is not only a character in Ti Dapeng to make the best of the eye, but also for the film holding postures in hold the thigh. I just won the "love" of Jia Ling and is engaged in a propaganda film the ROC and whether to participate in the recording schedule, but is close to Liu Yan in the circle, the possibility of two people is very large.相关的主题文章: