Cixi driverless car battery Audi car crashed into a roadside freak out of control matlab 等高线�

Cixi driverless car battery out of control fabiao crashed into a roadside Audi car "when parked in the repair shop before the battery tricycle, suddenly jump out wildly……" Recently, Cixi traffic police squadron received the alarm call Xiao Lin Xiao Lin Road, Zhou Tang intersection traffic crashes occur with the bizarre accident, the car battery in the case of unmanned, crashed into a roadside Audi car, but fortunately the owner in a timely manner to control the vehicle, causing no casualties. Reporters engaged in the monitoring section of the road to see the picture, the accident occurred at around 1:40 PM 12. At that time, Xiao Lin Road intersection East Zhou Tang a vehicle repair shop is parked a car battery tricycle, soon began to overhaul the vehicle maintenance personnel. Suddenly, like the magic battery tricycle jump up. Despite the presence of a man trying to pull, stop, but because of strong power tricycle, still was rushed to North’s cross. Immediately, a car in the intersection of the left turn of the Audi car was hit by a battery tricycle, then, out of control battery tricycle continues to wreak havoc, and ran to the side of a white car…… "Well, I pulled out the car key in time, or it might have hit another white car and could even hurt a pedestrian." 13 morning, the reporter saw the accident to handle the battery tricycle owners master Hu Xiao Lin in the squadron. He said the car was purchased more than 7000 yuan, has been used for 3 years, has never happened this kind of thing. Hu master also told reporters that morning, because the battery tricycle fault line, he came to the incident section of a repair shop repair. Unexpectedly, maintenance personnel in the inspection process, the vehicle suddenly out of control. You can see from the monitor screen, is the scene of the accident is thrilling. Analysis of the traffic police Xiaolin squadron deputy commander Zhou Min said, possibly because the battery tricycle accident short circuit to accidents. From this accident, the risk of this kind of vehicle was verified. Zhou Min said that at present the vast majority of the car on the road is not the safety of the battery tricycle modified cars, its shape design, braking performance has a great security risk, easily lead to traffic accidents. And in the event of an accident, the vehicle is often no insurance, easy to trigger further compensation disputes. Therefore, to remind the general public to pay attention, do not use such vehicles, not to take such vehicles. Reporter Intern Intern Gao Ting Hu Ying more than correspondent Hu Zhidong相关的主题文章: