The next few days in Nanchang have weak precipitation next week the lowest temperature of the 1 pref 月丘うさぎ

The next few days in Nanchang have weak precipitation next week the lowest temperature of the "1" prefix today welcomed the dew of the cold air affect the reporter Chen Shilei this year’s National Day holiday in my city, Nanchang good weather, most of the time are sunny to cloudy weather, very suitable for travel. Reporter yesterday learned from the meteorological department, the next few days, I have more clouds, weak precipitation, and by the northern cold air, the temperature will decrease, the minimum temperature will drop to 17 degrees. Next week, the lowest temperature of the "1" prefix according to the Municipal Meteorological Observatory is expected, today I will be weak cold air southward, cloudy to cloudy, local showers, the northerly wind increase to 3~4, gust 6; cooling process of 2~4 C. 9, cloudy to sunny. 10~11 day is sunny to cloudy weather. 12~14 cloud more, some areas have weak precipitation. By the impact of this cold air has gradually decreased, the temperature of which I am tomorrow, today the highest temperature of 25 degrees, 23 degrees Celsius tomorrow, next week, the highest temperature in only 23 DEG C, and the minimum temperature will drop to the "1" prefix. Before the National Day holiday "Siam hop left, not every few days, and a typhoon to brush there is a sense of the. This year the nineteenth typhoon "Aere" (tropical storm level) in the center of the South China Sea at 10 o’clock in the morning yesterday in Hongkong about 300 kilometers southeast of the. Due to the influence of cold air, "Aere" future path and intensity changes are there is a big uncertainty, but the city meteorological experts said, from the current point of view "Aere" in our city has no direct effect. Today is the dew solar term today is the twenty-four solar term in the dew, if the dew means the transition from the hot weather to cool, then the dew temperature will represent the trend from the cool cold. And the arrival of this cold air, may open the door to the fall. According to the standard on the climatology of autumn, five consecutive days moving average temperature below 22 DEG C, from the first day to enter the real significance of Meteorology in autumn. From the temperature prediction of next week’s point of view, not surprisingly, perhaps next week Nanchang will officially enter the fall of meteorology. Meteorological experts said, after entering October, with frequent cold air southward, the warm and moist air flow has not been completely evacuated, the temperature will drop to a more comfortable range, an invigorating autumn climate feeling at the same time, the air will become dry. Nanchang City daily weather forecast weather date temperature 8 day 9 day 10 day 11 cloudy, local showers cloudy sunny cloudy cloudy 21~25 DEG 18~23 DEG 17~23 DEG 17~24 DEG相关的主题文章: