1300, the ancient city of three years ago, a fire destroyed, reconstruction and restoration

1300 years of the ancient city of the Tibetan city of a fire burned three years ago, reconstruction and Restoration – Sohu travel

Yunnan Tibet tea horse road, starting from Yunnan Pu’er, a road through Dali, Lijiang, Shangri-La, arrived in Lhasa after the move, to Nepal, India. Located in Shangri-La dukezong City, is the first stop after the caravan tibet.

alone grams of the ancient city, built in the Tang Dynasty, the Tibetan people in the top of the turtle to set up a walled fort, named "single grams". In the Tibetan language, there are two meanings in the case of a single gram, one is the castle built on the stone, the other is the moonlight city. Obviously Moonlight City more elegant.

over the past one thousand years, dukezong around the big turtle to expand the scale of living more and more people, now has become a famous tourist attractions in Shangri-La.

dukezong in Guishan mountain zhuanjingtong, 21 meters high, weighing 60 tons, is the world’s largest zhuanjingtong, has become a symbol of dukezong.

but in January 2014, only G there was a big fire in the city, because the city is the traditional Tibetan wooden houses, with narrow roads, destroyed hundreds of buildings on fire room, almost the whole city, it is a pity.

after more than a year of construction, the city has returned to its original appearance, is still a simple Tibetan characteristics. It is not as crowded and commercialized as Old Town of Lijiang, it is a clean city.

winter in Shangri-La is the off-season tourism, not many visitors, the city’s life is lazy and with the nature of the street shops are not open many business.

stone street, may also see the caravan to step out of print. In the Kangxi period of the Qing Dynasty, dukezong has become an important market trade between Yunnan and Tibet, businessmen gathered.

built on the hillside, the road surface is uneven, and now is still a commercial center, there are Tibetan and Tibetan restaurants, feel different culture.

under the moonlight Kameyama square is the local leisure place, in the evening, the local Tibetans and tourists together singing and dancing, lively and extraordinary.