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True · fire to the universe, "the treasure can dream GO" travel distance to Pluto as the hottest hand tour this year, "the spirit treasure can dream GO" after creating five Guinness world records, and created a new record. According to the official announcement of the game, in less than three months after the game was released, the trainer of ELF Bao GO has walked more than 4 billion 600 million kilometers, that is, the distance from the earth to Pluto. Because playing "the dream GO" needs to walk while looking for the spirit, so the game player can record the distance that the player has been walking. After the game, there are more than 100 countries and regions around the world playing this game. In September 8th, the developer posted a total of 4 billion 600 million kilometres of the world’s players on the official website. 4 billion 600 million kilometers is about the distance from the earth to Pluto. Even now, the latest NASA aircraft takes 9 years to arrive, showing the popularity of this game. The game official also expressed the gratitude to the player: "thanks no matter in which world can love the fairy treasure to be able to dream." At the latest Apple press conference, the Apple Corp announced that it could also play the message of "the dream GO" on the apple watch. It seems that it is time for players to walk through 5 billion kilometers.

真·火到宇宙 《宝可梦GO》行走距离可达冥王星作为今年最热门的手游《精灵宝可梦 GO》在创下了五项吉尼斯世界记录之后,又开创了一个新的的记录。根据游戏官方发表的消息,在游戏发行不到三个月的时间里,《精灵宝可梦 GO》的训练师玩家已经行走了超过46亿公里,也就是相当于地球到冥王星的距离。因为玩《精灵宝可梦 GO》需要一边行走一边找精灵,所以游戏方可以记录下玩家已经行走的距离。在游戏发行之后,全世界有100个以上的国家和地区在玩这款游戏。9月8日,开发方在官方网站上公布了全世界的玩家一共加起来一共行走了46亿公里的消息。46亿公里大约是地球到冥王星的距离,就算是现在NASA最新型的飞行器也需要花费9年的时间才能到达,足见这款游戏的人气。游戏官方还表示了对玩家的感谢:“感谢无论在哪个世界都能爱着精灵宝可梦。”在最新的苹果发布会上,苹果公司公布了在苹果手表上也能玩《精灵宝可梦 GO》的消息。看来,玩家的步行路程突破50亿公里是指日可待了。相关的主题文章: