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The concept of entertainment | Taylor love is not to give in to tell the story of _ entertainment enthusiasts bitch _ Tencent entertainment Zhuangao (Wen Li Xiaodiu) Taylor and Tom finally broke up, no star love would like Taylor attention, people are eagerly looking forward to almost every time she broke up. And for the first time to show that "ex boyfriend songs like" old stems, and Kam bitch enthusiasts are busy to go into battle again for her with "Green Tea bitch", "bus bitch" and "bitch stamp" label in this pay a few male friends will be "bitch". Married can be instantly washed in the context of Taylor, there are too many unsatisfactory qualities. Her way of life and attitude towards love and marriage is totally different from the image of a woman who is expected by the mainstream values of society. Whether the United States or the Chinese, social mainstream thoughts are deeply affected by the bourgeois values, that everyone’s home is a happy family life, the men outside the women, two children, a house and a car, go to the cinema at the weekend, two trips a year…… Even the star from the hard to conceal their marriage status to show loving family lovely children mode, fans also have to the older micro-blog marry goddess of birth, Ruby Lin married Hsu Chi fans than their parents also feel more comfort. Therefore, the mold is always in love not to marry the move, both men do not like, do not ask women like. Women do not love Taylor, partly because of jealousy, after all, Taylor slept so many men of God, even to escape the clutches of Tom, love like a pair of idiotic drop head. On the other hand is a long physical female mentality at work, a lot of girls think Taylor "bitch", it is because of her love is too rich, not a bit like what a good girl. The girls are taught to say "not to marry for the purpose of love is bullying", "girls love on the worthless", "woman is not married men sleep unmarriageable", always feel love if not married woman is eating badly, in the marriage market value decline into unwanted loser, so as to make every part of life setbacks and failures. The problem is that the high value of Yan and talented Taylor, as the 2015 Forbes global list of powerful women most young women and the planet’s most profitable non rich two generations of women in the marriage market is not a buyer’s market but outright seller’s market. She even about one hundred love, there will still be a good man devoted to fall in love with her and marry her. Like the break Tom and the reason is because hiddleston want to seek more exposure, let Taylor to accompany him to walk the Emmy Awards, and Taylor do not want too much show of affection so up – in general, our common are the woman want to show affection by the man refused example. Taylor in the relationship of the strong position of remarkable. Men don’t love reason Taylor is more simple, small plum can change supermodel girlfriend more than anyone to change frequently, Li Ao published "Li Ao romantic autobiography" explicit record life multi period romance at the age of 80, men will praise such behavior.相关的主题文章: