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From domestic club tie Harvey bodied temptation of high priced response: he has no reason to leave with decimating the rumor: Harvey is not for sale in Guangzhou daily news (reporter       Xie Zekai) yesterday, Guangzhou R & f foreign rumor: Israeli foreign aid Zahavi is not for sale, who sees him is useless!" Recently, Israeli media reports, Harvey and Guangzhou Hengda has substantial contact, next year is likely to transfer Guangzhou hengda. Had also reported that the rival Jose Scolari after the end of the season to the Shanghai team, the Shanghai team he wanted to introduce with Harvey. According to Israeli media reports, Guangzhou Hengda to the price of 12 million euros annual salary with Harvey in his temptation, decimating the annual salary of only 5 million 500 thousand euros; only pay 20 million euro ~2500 million euros, Hengda can tie Harvey away from R & F. Prior to this, as well as domestic media said Shanghai hopes to introduce 30 million euros on the port of Harvey. In response to these reports, Guangzhou Fuli yesterday, said: we have not heard of this matter, there is no club to our offer, and Harvey is not to sell. Maybe Harvey is worth 30 million euros, but we’re not going to sell it." Guangzhou R & F also replaced Zahavi said: "he is very happy to play under Stojkovic, decimating his treatment is high enough, he has no reason to want to leave."相关的主题文章: