The top US PGA California club general manager elected as the fortieth president-追踪309

The top US PGA California club general manager elected as the fortieth president (left to right) President Paul – Levi, vice chairman and Secretary General Li Wei – Susie Jim – Richardson sina sports news Beijing time on November 12th, Paul – Levi (Paul Levy) on Friday in the United States occupation (PGA of America) Golf Association officially replaced Derek Sprague – annual meeting (Derek Sprague), became the fortieth president of the association. Levi Wells is the Tuscany Country Club in California, Indian (Toscana Country Club) CEO and general manager, he said in two years will focus on service to the association of 28 thousand members, to help them expand employment opportunities, at the same time, will also continue to promote the sport of golf. "We have tried many things to promote the sport of golf, we focus on doing one thing is golf," Levi said, "we know a person very early began to play golf for the rest of his life, he will participate in the sport." Susie – Wei Li (Suzy Whaley) became the first female officer of the American occupation Golf Association annual meeting in 2014, she was promoted to vice chairman of the Secretary General on Friday. Jim – Richardson (Jim Richerson) to vote for the association of the new secretary general, head of the golf ball will let whistling Straits have the opportunity to become chairman of the association in four years. Richardson won in the first round of voting. He won 53.5% of the votes in the, Ross (Russ Libby) and North Carolina’s – (Rick Murphy) in Florida. He became Secretary of state in the history of the first second rounds of voting (at least three candidates). (wind)相关的主题文章: