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Statistics: half ball nearly 80% out of 6 games over Manchester [collection] Manchester City win 4-0 back to the top o Luo Jing’s 2 goals in each city (data) play a typical "Guardiola" game Tencent sports news in October 30th the tenth round of the English Premier League match, Manchester City at the hawthorns 4-0 victory over Sibrand, Aguero and gundogan both scored two of Guardiola’s team finally end the event in 6 matches. Although in the home court, but Sibrand’s attack strength is very weak, Pulis’s team in 7 games only scored 8 goals in 4 games, scored 4 goals, so they are difficult to first half of Manchester City’s goal threat, the game most of the time are attacking drills in the blue moon. 35 minutes before the game, Manchester City’s possession rate was as high as 81%, and at the end of the game in the first half, the blue moon ball rate is amazing 78%. Compared with the previous games, Manchester City today not only firmly in control of the situation in the field, and the goal of luck is back, nineteenth minutes of the game, Aguero received gundogan pass to break the deadlock, failure line after 9 minutes and let West Brom, Argentina scored two. The second half of the match, although Sibrand throw the helve after the hatchet also had some chances, but the city’s advantage is very obvious, Guardiola’s team game ball rate of 70%, 21 shots 8 shots, and Sibrand shot a total of only 9 times, shooting is only 1 times. In addition to Manchester City 7 corners than Brando 6 times, 604 times the ball is 386 times more. The game scored two, Aguero in the league goal of the season has 7, he is the top scorer has tied Chelsea (data) striker Diego Costa, and Aguero has also been in the 9 league games against Sibrand scored 7 goals, including 3 goals was scored at the hawthorns. For the 2 shot 1 pass gundogan, today he not only made his first Premier League assists, but also since the match against Dortmund in January this year for the first time on behalf of the Lindenhof, in a single game in both scoring and assists. (anckie)相关的主题文章: