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The broken foot Han failed   still worthy of applause – Sports – original title: broken Han failed, but still worthy of applause from the morning news reporter Wu Lei in September 1st, when the World Cup Stadium — Seoul World Cup Stadium, China team ushered in the 12 World Cup finals with old rivals South Korea the game. Chinese team 0:3 behind the case did not collapse, pulled the two ball, eventually lost 2:3. The South Korean team against this enemy, China team score behind the case did not give up, but also a continuous goal, this is indeed surprising. However, throughout the game, the South Korean team did not imagine so strong, and the 3 day of preparation is clearly a bit hasty, the South Korean team is not in the best condition. In this case, Gao Hongbo’s five point guard is obviously too conservative. 3 goals behind getting 2 goals worthy of praise this is a process of ups and downs of the game. The South Korean team once held 3 ball superiority, 3 minutes into the two ball, but Chinese team did not collapse, even in South Korea’s home court could get two, this let the reporters are very surprised. After the World Cup round of 12 to fifteen years Chinese team, in the face of such a big scene, clearly nervous, after opening more passive, especially on the ball defense, vulnerability is very large. Twenty-first minutes, Wu Zaishuo left forward when Zhang Lin was up against? Down, the Korean team won the box corner kick, Zhang Lin received a yellow card?. Sun Xingmin quickly in front of the crossing, Ji Dong won shakes Leipzig, Zheng Zhi after the ball hit into China team goal, China team 0:1 behind. The beginning of the second half, China team launched a fierce offensive, once occupied the field initiative, however Chinese team was not able to advantage into goals, but by the South Korean team scored two goals in a row, field once China team 0:3 behind. Have lost two balls, Chinese let reporters at the scene and Chinese fans are a bit stupid. However, at this time the Chinese team but sober. Seventy-fifth minutes, China team left the ball in the formation of a lasting impact, Wu Zaishuo headed the rescue mistakes, Yu Hai got the ball on the right side of the area after the decisive shot, the ball flying into the near corner of the goal. Chinese team morale boost, seventy-seventh minutes Chinese team again goal, Feng Xiaoting backcourt steals fast break with Zizhe, Wu Lei won the box before the free kick, and Zhang Xianxiu received a yellow card. Hao Junmin surgeon kick hit the high level, the ball around the wall and flying into the near corner of the goal, the final score frames at the 2:3. China has the opportunity to rewrite history for the Chinese team, the results of the 2:3 can be accepted, but the Chinese team has the opportunity to win a better result. The game, coach Gao Hongbo expelled five defenders, Zheng Zhi retreated to strengthen defense in the league in renhang and effectiveness in a suspended state of sun Kejun in the starting line-up, Wu Lei as a single arrow front. Five guard configuration appears to be in the backcourt in the accumulation of a large number of defenders, but football is not a simple arithmetic, and not a defender, will be able to stop the game, also proved this point. After the game相关的主题文章: