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Secret Mourinho wanted to buy Rooney Chelsea for Real Madrid 2 times bitter after Mourinho has failed two times to Rooney sina sports news Manchester United is now the biggest controversy is whether the to start with Rooney, despite the poor performance, but Rooney has always been the absolute main Mourinho’s unshakable. Many people have speculated that Rooney’s credentials and locker room status is Mourinho can not easily get reasons under Rooney, and the other one is to ignore the fact that Mourinho could really love Rooney and had high expectations for him. [rob! Small lottery round package. It is recommended to the Premiership this push the Bundesliga famous sports journalist Rob Beasley French] on Mourinho’s new book "JOSE MOURINHO:UP CLOSE AND PERSONAL" was revealed, Mourinho coached Chelsea and Real Madrid have been very want to sign Rooney Mourinho this man is Rooney iron, he even Rooney is nicknamed "fat boy". Some of the chapters in the book Beasley Rob translation: in the summer of 2013, Mourinho had Chelsea, Rooney became his main concern. At that time the Manchester United and England star to the Reds’ career crossroads. Ferguson retired, Moyers took over Manchester united. A time of turmoil, Mourinho wants to use this opportunity to hire Rooney, he thinks Rooney can solve the dilemma of striker Chelsea. Mourinho has always been very fond of Rooney, 3 years ago at Real Madrid, he expressed the intention to sign the interest of the Rooney. It was 2010, when Rooney angrily withdrew from a contract extension with Manchester United, and Mourinho said: "if Rooney wants to leave Manchester United, you must give me a call." But in the end the phone did not play, Rooney re evaluated its under Ferguson and eventually signed 5 years contract. But in 2013, Mourinho felt different, he knew that Rooney was unhappy and did not determine the future, he hopes to complete the transaction. From June to July, Mourinho launched an offensive, he said: "I like Rooney, he is in the golden age of life, very mature and experienced." "If Rooney is the second choice for Manchester United, the national team will be affected." "I can’t say too much about the other players, but I like him very much." Mourinho at the end of the 7 in the United States led war, when he was very confident of signing Rooney, Chelsea offered a $30 million offer. I remember that I and my son Joshua dinner in Washington Hotel, Mourinho walked over, my son knew Chelsea boss must be joking with him to squeeze in a chair, and Mourinho on my son said: "do you think we sign that a fat boy?" Joshua’s got a little, he doesn’t know "fat boy.". I started laughing and told him: "he’s talking about Rooney, the fat boy is Rooney."." But the joke is a joke, Mourinho is Rooney’s iron powder, he wanted to sign him. Then I talked to Rooney’s agent, and we had a good relationship. We talked a lot, he made me believe in Rooney相关的主题文章: