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58 of the city’s independence out of a period of time it in the secondary market performance? Source: Visual Chinese original title: 58 city of the independent turn out for some time it did in the secondary market? Source: Author: Hua Fengyi 58 city interface had a series of integrated action in 2015, with anjuke, ganji.com, chinahr.com. It also split the establishment of the O2O platform 58 home, as well as the second-hand exchange platform around, in the form of APP into the mobile platform. The latter is very similar to the idle fish from the Taobao used to separate, and 58 city CEO Yao Jinbo also placed high hopes on it, personally for its endorsement. Now the distance "around" officially launched in November last year to now nearly 10 months, second-hand transaction user base ganji.com flag relies on 58 city and merge to the around naturally has the second-hand gene, but face earlier isolated from Ali Taobao second-hand idle fish, how to get around, the reporter interface and they talked about. About why to separate from the original site, around the product director Su Lin said, the main reason is that the change of user information interaction mode, from a simple telephone line to meet and communicate, to today’s online communication, express, and secured transactions. The form of APP can provide good trading closed loop and more professional services. It can also be speculated that the user’s information browsing habits have changed, more and more users accustomed to the mobile platform and APP platform, rather than the original web platform. Taobao and Alipay developed have already separated idle fish. According to the data presented in the report, since last November on the line so far, around the active users to maintain a monthly growth rate of more than 30%, the monthly growth in the order of the order of 24%, the volume of goods per month increased by 29%. At the end of June 58 city secondary channel turns around the brand, direct import users and orders, to operate the idle mobile phone based "around Youpin" one-day incremental orders 8 times. But do not want to give specific users and order data. One of these cards is a partnership with WeChat. Around CEO Huang Wei proposed in June this year, the establishment of a network of trust chain relations, the formation of network aggregation effect, so that buyers and sellers of true identity, credible transaction, service guarantees, the goal. According to the idea of WeChat around, will bring certain social trust for the transaction, for example, can see the seller how many friends can see, has joined WeChat friends in APP, users can choose to release their own goods forwarded to the circle of friends of WeChat. In the investigation of the relationship between the disclosure of WeChat, once the number of friends for 1-10 users accounted for 65.54%, once the number of friends for more than 10 users accounted for more than 9.29%. This data and there is no way to see the impact of WeChat around, but can be inferred, with the number of WeChat huge user ratio, number of users around the level obviously is not large, the majority of users in the number of friends around less than 10. According to Analysys data, as of July, active.相关的主题文章: