Macro 碁 push new smartphone with 21 million pixel camera + Xiaolong 808 (video)-3u8813

Acer new intelligent mobile phone with 2100 megapixel camera + snapdragon 808 Tencent digital news (Dannemark) last year 10 month, the network had exposed a supposedly Acer Windows Liquid Jade Primo new smart mobile phone, and in addition to 10 Mobile equipped with Windows Liquid Jade Primo, the overall configuration is also very high-end flagship location machine level, after the listing will undoubtedly become the Microsoft Lumia 950 Lumia 950 and their flagship XL competitor. According to the latest reports, in addition to carrying the Windows 10 Mobile version, recently, a Android equipped version also appeared on the network. Are from the GFXBench database of information, this new machine model S58A, taking into account the Liquid Jade Primo model S58 model, so the A is likely to represent Android. Of course。 Because Windows 10 mobile phone market is still relatively low heat, so the launch of a Android version is also a more secure program. Hardware configuration, Android version and the Windows version of the Liquid 10 Mobile Jade Primo are basically the same, including 5.5 inch Full HD screen, Qualcomm snapdragon 808 six core processor, Adreno 418 graphics processor, 3GB memory and 21 million pixels rear camera. On the system side, the Android version of Liquid Jade Primo will be equipped with the latest Android 6 Marshmallow operating system. But it is unable to confirm the launch date and price of the machine, but according to previous reports, Windows 10 Mobile version of the price is about $616 (about 4051 yuan). Macro & #30849; Liquid Leap+ smart Bracelet demo source: Phone Arena

宏碁推新智能手机 配2100万像素相机+骁龙808腾讯数码讯(唐马克)去年10月,网络上曾曝光了一款据称是宏碁Windows 新款智能手机Liquid Jade Primo,而除了搭载Windows 10 Mobile以外,Liquid Jade Primo的整体配置也十分高端,定位旗舰机级别,上市之后无疑将成为微软自家旗舰Lumia 950和Lumia 950 XL的竞争对手。而根据最新的报道,除了搭载Windows 10 Mobile的版本以外,近日一款搭载Android的版本也在网络上现身。从GFXBench数据库中给出的信息来看,这款新机的型号为S58A,考虑到Liquid Jade Primo的型号为S58,因此型号中的A很可能就是代表Android。当然。由于Windows 10手机目前的市场热度还比较低,因此推出一个Android版本也是一个比较稳妥的方案。硬件配置方面,Android版本和Windows 10 Mobile版本的Liquid Jade Primo基本一致,包括5.5英寸全高清屏幕、高通骁龙808六核处理器、Adreno 418图形处理器、3GB运存以及2100万像素后置摄像头。系统方面,Android版Liquid Jade Primo将会搭载最新的 Android 6.0 Marshmallow操作系统。不过目前还无法确认该机的上市日期和价格,但根据之前的报道,Windows 10 Mobile版本的售价约为616美元(约合人民币4051元)。 宏碁Liquid Leap+智能手环试玩 来源:Phone Arena相关的主题文章: