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Automobiles To be one of the oldest car makers in India does not make a .pany the leader of the countrys automobile segment, especially when it is an open market where global giants are .peting aggressively. Maruti Suzuki has undoubtedly been the leader of Indian car market in terms of sales for many decades. It has pioneered the art of crafting cars for Indian consumers. But in recent times, with consumers being exposed to global brands there has been a shift in brand perception. Maruti Suzuki seems to be losing the game here because of its stereo type automobiles. There have been few truly marvelous cars in its container which can be called its silver lining because in terms of design and performance they contradict the stereo type opinion. These cars have been the primary reason why the auto giant has been able to tap large market share and get hold of new age consumers. The automobile world is working in a global village today and this has made it relatively easy for .panies to develop new products. The car that is sold in India is appreciated in Indonesia, Russia and Brazil as well. So, one time investment of hundreds of crores by a .pany in development of a new product can bring sales from multiple markets. Maruti Suzuki has also worked in this direction to .e up with newer models like Swift and Ertiga. While Swift was first introduced in Japan in the year 2000, it reached Indian market in 2005 after being unveiled in Europe and other parts of the world. Although it was received well everywhere in the world its Indian story is what made it a sensation from Suzukis perspective. The .pany went on to .e out with a sedan version of the same model in 2008 and named it as Swift DZire. Improvising on the same model a .pact sedan car was introduced in 2012. Within a short period of time this .pact sedan from Maruti Suzuki has be.e the top-selling car of India with Swift retaining the number 3 position. The prices of these two forerunners too have been very much aggressive which has helped them in attaining the top positions. Maruti Suzuki Swift in Kolkata starts from Rs. 4.78 lakh, while the .pact sedan version Price for Maruti Suzuki Swift DZire in Kolkata starts from Rs. 5.24 lakh, and the difference in their prices is merely around Rs. 40,000 to Rs. 50,000. Ertiga, the MPV from Maruti Suzuki has a different story on its backdrop. This MPV is the developed version of a concept model from the .pany the R3. Being the first Indian MPV to have monoculture body structure, Ertiga looks more like a car but is as spacious and possesses the functionality of an MPV. Ertiga is not among the top-selling cars for the brand but this automobile surely has revived brand image for Maruti Suzuki. The Pricing of Maruti Suzuki Ertiga too has been perfect for this model and hence it .petes strongly with some segment leaders like Toyota Innova. Maruti Ertiga price in Kolkata ranges from Rs. 6.43 lakh to Rs. 9.2 lakh. On the entry-level automobile side, the hatchback Alto 800 took off in 2012, to keep the small car fever going in India. This mini hatch has not been that successful as expected but it assured Indias importance for global Suzuki. With the Alto 800, the .pany was successful in improving fuel economy and styling the small car well enough to appeal to younger generation. Like all other automobiles from the .pany Alto 800 too has a very .petitive price tag, where the Price of Maruti Suzuki Alto 800 in Kolkata starts from Rs. 2.6 lakh. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: