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Football If you are like me then you cannot wait for the start of the 2009 NFL season and fantasy season in particular. A lot has transpired this off season and I just thought that I would share some of my thoughts with everyone. First, I cannot start anywhere other than Jay Cutler. A lot of people disagree with me but I agree with Cutler here. Why would McDipshit oh sorry McDaniels .e in and try to first overhaul one of the top ranked offenses in the NFL rather than the Broncos porous defense. McDaniels must truly believe in his heart that Cutler is not a good QB for his system. I have no problem with that but McDaniels is wrong here because he lied to Cutler about it. This would have never gotten to the level it did if McDaniels had not lied and been slim shady about everything. I wouldn’t trust McDipshit either. I believe Jamie Dukes from the NFL Network summed it up best when he referred to the Belichek disciples as Mickey and Mouse. Gotta love Jamie Dukes. He is the man. Anyway, in terms of the impact this trade will have this year on fantasy here are my thoughts. No, I don’t think that Cutler will pass for 4500 yds this year but not because of his skills. Cutler is definitely still a number 1 fantasy QB and I fully expect him to throw for about 3000-3500 yds and about 20-25 TD’s. Let’s not forget that the Bears have one the leagues fastest rising stars in Matt Forte and this is something he did not have in Denver. Cutler’s presence will only help Forte rise to the next level and vice versa. Chicago HAD to make this deal and they did and no I don’t think that they gave up too much for Cutler. Defenses will not be able to stack the line against the Bears this year and that will make for a lot of nice running lanes and also open up the secondary for Cutler. I also believe this is the year that TE Greg Olson breaks out and makes the Pro Bowl. Look how often Cutler used the TE in Denver and none of those players .pares to Olson’s vast skill set. What will Denver and McDipshit do now? Although, I believe that they were stupid to have all this happen in the first place the Broncos do have some draft picks as a result and I think that they need to trade the 18th pick to the Browns for QB Brady Quinn. Quinn is the type of QB that McDipshit is looking for. Quinn played under Charlie Weiss at Notre Dame and I believe that he would do quite well playing out in Denver throwing to Brandon Marshall. If the Broncos don’t explore that option then they will need to get USC QB Mark Sanchez. Sanchez is another system QB and his throws are extremely accurate something that McDipshit is looking for. The bottom line is that neither Chris Simms nor Kyle (Don’t confuse me with Randy) Orton are the long term answer and the Broncos know it. I would not explore the possibility of drafting either Orton or Simms this summer in any capacity. Several other players in addition to Cutler switched teams this off season none more notable than T.O. Being from this part of the country I was shocked that the Bills went after T.O. However, the more I thought about it I realized how much sense this all makes. Upstate, NY is rabid about the Bills. I can attest to that by attending more than 100 Bills games throughout the course of my life. The Bills have not made the playoffs in a decade and the city is yearning for anything or anyone to bring some excitement to town. Moreover, the Bills have not had a true play maker in years. Lee Evans is a nice receiver but is non existent at times as any fantasy owner who has ever had him knows full well. T.O. provides both. He immediately brings excitement both on and off the field to a franchise that has been dull and dormant since Jim Kelly and crew left. T.O. will make plays this year. He is too good not to. In terms of fantasy this year his presence helps not only Trent Edwards obviously but also Marshawn Lynch as well. I think Lynch has some good potential this year even with the looming suspension he is facing at the hands of the .missioner. Look for T.O. to produce his customary 1000 yds and 8-10 TD’s this year and to be a nice number 2 fantasy WR. Well that is it for tonight. In the .ing weeks I will be offering fantasy previews for all 32 NFL teams. I will be starting with the AFC East. Cheers and Beers About the Author: 相关的主题文章: