2016 National Day holiday from October 1st to 7 Guangdong tourism market situation nibbuns

2016 National Day holiday from October 1st to 7 Guangdong tourism market situation during the national day, Guangdong tourism market steady and rapid growth, tourism consumption vitality burst, the rapid development of new tourism formats. As of noon on October 7th, the province did not produce significant tourism service quality events, the tourism market order, smooth and orderly. During the National Day holiday in our province, the province’s tourism market run as follows: first, tourism reception on October 1st -7, the province included in the statistics of 100 key scenic spots, 9 million 764 thousand and 800 passengers were tourists, an increase of 26.97%; income 785 million yuan, an increase of 25.66%. Key tourist attractions to achieve double growth of tourists and operating income. Two, the characteristics of tourism market (a) festival theme activities. The scenic spots of the province continued to be popular, the festival atmosphere is strong, showing the relative concentration of travel time, travel mode, the theme of the rich content of the activities. Among them, the big Shaoguan tourism "Danxia, South China, Nanling, Zhuji, Malaysia dam" eye-catching performance, Ruyuan yunmenshan, Nanxiong Zhuji Lane growth of more than 200%; the city of Zhongshan in the 150 anniversary of the birth of Sun Zhongshan, held in Zhongshan (Shiqi) Leisure Tourism Cultural Festival and various theme activities and publicity promotion activities; Huizhou Luofu Mountain "where flowers" theme park "started seven Music Tour", in concert with music, flowers, delicacy and garden activities; Yunfu held the inaugural Singapore delicacy Festival; Jieyang Heaven Lake straw creative exhibition and lighting festival attracted around a large number of tourists; Chaozhou Guangji Bridge on Hanfu and martial arts to attract tourists; the temple of Foshan historical and cultural exhibition launch and sing classics. Xiqiao held the 2016 "Huang Feihong Cup" the twelfth World Chinese Lion Championship cum water Shuangshi challenge; the first industry expo held in Jiangmen Xinhui tangerine peel tangerine peel village; Meizhou air tour Meizhou "project officially operation, visitors can enjoy the World Hakka style km altitude. (two) coastal tourism continues to boom. During the national day, a coastal city of Guangdong, the weather is fine, sunny, attracts many tourists. Zhanjiang ocean around the southern harbour, a sea of joy "theme, set up 6 branch field, at the same time to carry out 19 major theme activities, including the coastal tourist area Jinshawan about 700000 tourists, there are many batches of foreign tourists to participate in various activities; Maoming Chicken Island, sea shore, romantic seaside Park tourists have greatly increased; Jiangmen seaside scenic spots of tourists more than 23 people, an increase of 25.36%. The Taishan tourist area on the island during the National Day Kawashima tourists about 52 thousand people; Taishan fisherman’s Wharf of Guanghai coastal tourism festival held fishing style carnival, seven day attracted 120 thousand visitors along the scenic spots. Nan’ao Shantou ecological tourist area into the island more than 50 thousand vehicles, more than 22.5 trips into the island trips. (three) rapid warming of hot spring tourism. During the National Day holiday, hot spring scenic spots have been held in the new and unique festivals to attract tourists, hot spring tourism rapid warming. Hot spring resort hotel occupancy rate close to the full. Gudou spa town held the South Asian customs Festival, South Asian delicacy, South Asian customs activities such as performances feng.相关的主题文章: