4 young drow up Olympic foreign aid only one foot to row the strongest array of Warring States-tataufo

4 young drow up only one foot in the Warring States Olympic aid difficult to row the strongest array Lippi has arrived in Kunming Information Times News (reporter Zou Tian) "Lippi" will today formally in Kunming Haigeng base tree flag, before the November 15th Qatar 12 finals, the Orangemen will be 8 coach and Lippi Eder Ferrara Wuhan zall a friendly. Yesterday, Wuhan zall club announced that national football coach Lippi appointed Wuhan zall team become the Orangemen of Qatar before battle of the warm-up match, the two sides will Tuodong stadium in Kunming on November 8th. Ferrara was a favourite disciple of Lippi, so the campaign is seen as a "mentoring showdown". Although in recent years Wuhan Thatcher in a place, but the defensive strength of a ranking in this year, lost the ball in a number of third teams, believe that Lippi can debug the Orangemen combination through the game. After the end of the Wuhan zall team in the League at the end of the month, the team is the first to leave for a week, then the team assembled in Wuhan, according to the plan, the team will train to before christmas. The team currently only a foreign aid striker Johnson, 4 young players, including Wang Junhui, was drafted into the olympic. Therefore, Wuhan zall is doomed to be unable to use the strongest lineup. But a drow player said, "no matter what we will try to do ‘sparring’ role, is a contribution to the country". China and Qatar has officially announced the day before the ticketing program, the ticket is divided into 6 files, minimum 160 yuan, the highest 1260 yuan tickets VIP. China team official cheering fans organization of Team Dragon called Dragon team fans ticket and enter the 5000 phalanx, Richter’s first show a neat cheer a great in strength and impetus.相关的主题文章: