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Web-Design One of the first reasons a potential client/customer visits a website is to legitimate the business. They want to know that the person they are potentially doing business with are really in business. Think about it, in most cases they learned about your business indirectly through advertisement of some sort whether it be mail, internet or word of mouth. Therefore, they must examine the legitimacy of your business more closely. Once the potential client visits your website and sees you are a business that really exists, there are several questions they will seek to answer on your About Us webpage. 1.Customer Service Your potential customer wants to know that you will not just sell them a product, take their money and run. Or even worse, just take their money or credit card information and run. Perceived signs that your business give a certain level of customer service is: a. multiple forms of contact posted throughout the website, b.a paragraph or so addressing such topics as .pany mission/goals and customer service practices; and c.Customer Service policies (which is separately addressed.) 2.Professionalism A well-designed website and well-presented .pany image (logo, uniform colors and text) are perceived signs of professionalism on a website. Potential clients also look at how well your website copy is written; whether correct grammar is used and typographical errors. 3.Personality The About Us page should also have pictures of your place of business, of you and/or of your staff or members of your staff and information about you and your staff. These things will personalize your business and you will no longer be a nameless, faceless entity. It helps the customer feel at ease with you before getting down to business. 4.Policies Policies lets the customer know that you have been in business long enough to be experienced to plan for future issues they may experience. It makes them feel at ease to know you have policies in place to address those issues. Some policies you should have in place are: privacy policy, refund policy, terms of use policy, and a customer service policy. 5.Content On your About Us page, you should let the culture of your business or your personality be reflected in your web copy. It should include information like how you got started in the business and different aspects of your business. Writing about your business helps establish all of the points above. Bottom-line: Your customer wants to do business with someone they feel they can build a relationship with. They want to be assured they will receive a certain level of service or certain quality of product. The customer wants some reassurance that they will get the perceived value of what they paid for. Also keep in mind the higher the quality of your website, the higher the quality of the customer you will attract and retain. A high quality customer will not go to a low quality website and do business. About the Author: Camille Dykes, MBA is Chief Consultant and Designer for Dykes"’ Webshop. She has over ten years"’ experience in web design and business development. Ms. Dykes seeks to give her clients quality websites that attract new customers. Present professionalism through your website to your customers! Article Published On: 相关的主题文章: