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Business Do I Need Previous Experience If I Choose An Integrated Commercial Pilot’s License Course? Some people say that a true professional pilot career begins with a Commercial Pilot License. Well, in a sense if that career means a job or an occupation, this is true. You can only begin to make money from being a pilot if you possess at least a commercial pilot certificate. You need the CPL to be able to work as an aviation instructor, a Charter pilot, and begin training to be an airline pilot. The traditional route to obtain the commercial pilot status is through entering and completing some flight experience through the Private Pilot License (PPL). Private pilot license holders are those who have completed about 40-60 hours of flight in school. After you have completed the PPL, you can choose whether to continue to obtain a CPL, or fly as a private pilot. However, some flight schools today now offer another way to a commercial career. The other option to become a commercial pilot is to complete an Integrated CPL Course. The integrated program combines Commercial Pilot License training with the Multi-engine and Instrument Rating in one syllabus. This means that it is possible to start your training as a commercial pilot without prior flying experience. The training time is shorter but definitely more intensive. If you are in doubt if an integrated program can teach and train you as rigorously as getting a PPL first, then don’t be. The Integrated CPL Course may be shorter but it also tackles the things in a more compacted and streamline process than in other non integrated private and commercial level courses. The one advantage the traditional route can give would be the time to think longer about your career choices. It is advisable that you enroll directly to the integrated program only if you are 100 percent sure you want to make aviation your profession and source of income. Otherwise, you could just get the PPL if you are only interested in flying for recreational purposes. You couldn’t fly commercially with only the PPL under your belt. There are also some careers that are more suited to conducting the PPL training separately while there are also those that are better if you go directly to the ICPL. If you want to be an instructor or a bush pilot, then it could be good idea to take the longer way to get familiarized with the aviation trends better. On the other hand, you may find it advantageous to enroll directly in an Integrated program if your aim right from the very start is really to become a professional airline pilot. Of course, having a PPL before you get into the Integrated CPL has its advantages. You may have better knowledge and more experience than those who got in directly. However, there are also other factors to consider. Flight schools have different programs to offer. And as it goes, not all integrated courses are created equal. It is now up to your resources and your determination to succeed, choose the flight school and career path that in your judgment will give prepare you for the real world of aviation. There is a way to have someone ‘watch your back’ and support your training and job search process. This is too get a pilot coach or mentor. They can increase your chances of successfully reaching your goal. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: