your back straight and not rigid 刘嘉玲庆侄子毕业

If you choose to conceive magnificent programs that wow your audiences then capture these strategies. And don’t just capture them. Use them. Why? Because they work: Here’s an example: A few years ago I am invited to speak for the Annual Convention of the Professional Speakers Association of Europe. Since I am already known there, I resolve to develop brand new strategies to reveal in my program. I conceive a title: "What They Don’t Teach You at Speaking Business School." So far-so good. Now where do I get this new material. Please don’t laugh when I tell you: I ask the universe for it. That’s right. I ask the universe for it. (C’mon, Burt, now you’re pulling my leg.) I use the powers you are about to discover. Universal intelligence delivers to me 10 new strategies, business-building strategies for aspiring speakers. These strategies reach me intuitively while I’m doing other things during the next day or two. I write them down at once. (Ya gotta do this. Why? Because these ideas are like smoke rings. They disperse and are lost in the next few seconds.) 1.Now you wonder how you can do this too . . . as often as you like. To get more gigs. To enhance your life. So I’ll tell you. (Be careful, Burt, I’ve got a fully functioning bullshit meter . . . ) Caveat: This only works if you believe it works. As Henry Ford said: "Think you can; Think you can’t: Either way you’re right." 2. You do not "make" this work. It is effortless. You surrender into it. You allow it to work. Most people have no idea of the higher powers of the human mind. You tap your higher powers through your subconscious mind. 3. Your subconscious mind is a portal to universal intelligence. From universal intelligence you can retrieve anything you need/want to know. Here is all you have to do: Step One: For a start, pretend. Make it a game. Surrender disbelief for a few moments. Sit in a straight-back chair. Sit quietly, your back straight and not rigid, your two feet flat on the floor, a pad and pen in your lap . . . and your eyes closed. Breathe slowly. Relax deeply. Feel each part of your body doing the breathing; Sense your breath in your chest. Sense your breath in your abdomen. Notice your bodily sensations. Sense your breath in your hips. Sense your breath in your thighs. Notice your bodily sensations. Sense your breath in your left foot. Etc., etc., etc. Any part of your body will do. Sense your breath anywhere you like. It is fascinating what attunement does to your bodily sensations. (What’s going on here?) You are slowing your brain waves, changing your consciousness to the alpha state. This is a way used for thousands of years by sages, shamans, savants, gurus, scholars, luminaries, masters, mandarins, adepts, etc. since pre-history. I did not make this up. I discovered it. Now, ask for what you want to know. Breathe into the parts of your body as I direct. Let your breath become slower, more relaxed. Step Two: Wait. Observe your breathing. Relax. Insights begin to pop up from your subconscious mind. Let your eyes stay half-open (Stay in the alpha state.) Write each insight as it comes to you. Like smoke rings these ideas disperse in seconds. And writing crystallizes your thoughts. Close your eyes in-between your note-taking. This is a classic method to access wisdom from the universe. You magnetize wisdom, insights and information from the universe to you. Do this as often as you desire fresh ideas. Do this to attract wisdom from universal intelligence. If you believe this works for you, it works for you. If you believe this does not work for you, then it does not work for you. It is an allowing process. With patience and practice it works better and better for you. Step Three: Take relentless actions. Create the best program of your life up to now. Let nothing deter you until you actualize your intentions. I do this all the time. It is how this piece is being written right now. _________________________________________________________________ 相关的主题文章: