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12 Health Benefits Of Guided Breathing Posted By: Andy Krals Guided Breathing (also called Breathwork) is one of the most powerful drug-free ways to achieve natural health. Here are 12 reasons why you should give it a try: 1) Deep Relaxation/Less Stress. We are surrounded by too many stress triggers and not enough relaxation triggers. When we take the time to regularly break the stress cycle, the health benefits are incredible. Even wrinkles can be reduced or prevented through better blood flow and reduced stress. 2) Better Sleep. Guided Breathing is an excellent, drug-free cure for insomnia. In addition to feeling and looking more rested, a great nights’ sleep is essential for healthy living. 3) More Energy/Less Fatigue. Breathwork gives the body more energy through better oxygenation. 4) Better Mind-Body Connection. Many people report better intuition, concentration, clarity, creativity and "flow." Things just seem to work out better when we regularly take the time for deep relaxation. 5) Better Breathing. Benefits include increased lung capacity and function, as well as reduced symptoms of asthma and bronchitis. It can also relax the chest muscles, thus reducing the needless anxiety of heart attack "false alarms". 6) It’s a Form of Exercise. Among people who can’t exercise, Guided Breathing will help compensate.Slow breathing blood pressure Deep breathing blood pressure Guided Breathing Natural BP Control Slow breathing blood pressure 4 Ways Guided Breathing Lowers Blood Pressure Naturally Posted By: Andy Krals Guided Breathing is known as the secret to natural blood pressure control. Multiple clinical trials have proven that it is just as effective as many of the drugs on the market – with no known side effects. There are four leading theories to explain how it works. 1) One theory is that it’s actually not so much about relaxation and has more to do with helping the body get salt out. When people are under stress, they tend to take shallow breaths. This "inhibitory breathing" in turn, makes the blood more acidic and makes the kidneys less efficient at removing sodium from the blood. In research conducted by Dr. David Anderson of the National Institute of Health, inhibitory breathing was linked to elevated salt and higher blood pressure. "If you sit there under-breathing all day, as most people do, and you have high salt intake, your kidneys may be less effective at getting rid of salt," said Anderson. When people do slow, deep breathing, "They may be changing their blood gases and the way their kidneys are regulating salt," Anderson says. 2) Another theory is that Guided Breathing increases nitric oxide transmission in our blood.Slow breathing blood pressure Deep breathing blood pressure Guided Breathing for Hypertension Slow breathing blood pressure How To Lower Your Blood Pressure With Your Belly Button Posted By: Andy Krals Stop what you’re doing right now. Feel how much tension you have in your abdominal muscles. Chances are, you’re "sucking in your gut." Now stop and notice how you’re breathing. Chances are, you’re taking shallow breaths, and you’re breathing with your chest? Did you know that this "shallow chest breathing," also called "inhibitory breathing," can contribute to high blood pressure? First of all, don’t worry, you’re not alone, pretty much everybody does it. The great news is that through a simple breathing technique called "diaphragm breathing" – you can learn how to cut stress and reduce high blood pressure naturally. Have you ever noticed how a puppy or baby breathes? They breathe with their stomachs, not their chests. Plus they tend to take a shorter inhale, and a longer exhale. This is the bodies’ natural way to get the lungs full exposure to oxygen and a full release of carbon dioxide. The easiest way to "relearn" how to breathe is to imagine that you breathe through your belly button. First, so you can feel the difference, try taking your normal "shallow chest breath." Do that a few times and see how that feels.Slow breathing blood pressure Deep breathing blood pressure Remedies to lower blood pressure Slow breathing blood pressure 相关的主题文章: