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Make a candid review of what your current time frame really is. What are you doing for your work time, your family time, are you all over the place of do you have a set schedule? Do you spend time with the family after you come home and then go to work on your online business? You need to analyze where your time wasters are and put that time to use to build your online business. Make the most of your time. Look for office hours that become lost time paper shuffling and that can be put to better use. Find those minutes that make up the time you need to put into this new business model. When it comes to online work, you are your won boss. So state how many hours you are willing to invest and are going to be putting in to your success. Write this down and commit to it. Schedule your day and live your day to your schedule to get the most hourly benefits. Say you attend to day as such: Arrive at your office by 8:30am, get lunch by 1:00pm, schedule in one hour for rest and a few errands. By 5:30pm have your dinner and family time until perhaps 9:30pm to 10:00pm, from 10pm to 12am this is your time for extracurricular projects. Perhaps this is the time for those projects that are not your heavy money makers but are for personal development. This might be your study time and time to clean up some pending tasks (finish up a blog page, an article, prepare the press release). Break up your activities so that you can schedule some evenings as training time to go through your back office media vault or whatever your program’s back office provides. Make it a point to learn and to apply the materials. And if your program does not provide a decent back office for training, perhaps you are in the wrong program! My signature line directs you to review a back office full of training- a real handful and definitely more than your money’s worth! Treat your business as a business. Also treat your online venture as if it were your first job and never ever tell yourself no. Would you tell your boss no? Remember the old saying, "Pay yourself first?" Well, this is true whether you are talking about saving for retirement or preparing a new retirement cashflow solution using the internet as your vehicle to making money while working from home. Set schedules and goals. Do this for one month as a commitment. After that month, I assure you that you will have found a tremendous increase in your productivity. Write out tomorrow’s schedule at night before you go to bed. Include the six most important things that you must get done by tomorrow. For example, schedule yourself to write one article, post one blog, comment on a handful of different, but topic related blogs with backlinks, watch three training videos. Whatever you want to accomplish and make it a goal that you can’t go to bed without getting these six things done. Email is a real time waster for many of us. Set aside 20-30 minutes for email responses. And remember, this is not for fun. This will rob you of precious minutes that you could be tasking money-making little projects, like articles and blogs that go out into the internet as faithful soldiers looking for your prospects. One hour every day for education, one hour for implementing what you learned to day before )at least partially). Write down your questions, then go to Google. Keep a success journal, your goals for the day, the goals accomplished, and log what’s going on in your head and the new ideas you get each day. Have this mental journal on paper so that you can leave the breadcrumbs of your education behind in a timeline that you can go back and review, or tweak in the near future. This is a wonderful ruler by which to gauge how far you’ve come in your online business over time. Create and live by your schedule,and your productivity will go through the roof. Secondly, get into your goals. Your brain works on this list that you create for yourself during the night and sets you up for success the following day. Therefore, these good habits send a message to your subconscious regarding the goals you have willed yourself to achieve and gives you the confidence to continue as you document each goal that you have completed. Rinse and repeat every day. After awhile your goals start getting bigger and your subconscious tells you that you can get it done because it builds on your accomplishments. Therefore, the smaller tasks are like rungs that start you climbing that ladder of success that you have placed for yourself. Goals are many and diverse. See yourself as a living, global entity and schedule your personal goals, physical goals, health goals, family goals, financial goals, business goals. Go hog wild with this and see yourself excel in more areas than you ever thought possible in one lifetime. Begin to expand from your personal goals for accomplishment into your social and spiritual goals, think in terms of your roles in society, with your friends and your community. Remember, you are a multi-dimensional divine blessing to this world. You have been given the power to excel beyond your wildest imagination. You dictate your life and only you can determine where you end up. It’s in the thoughts and the beliefs that you hold in your heart and deep within your subconscious mind. But, back to the more immediate timeline. Start small, after all, this may be a new way of looking at your life for you. This may be a new start at learning the art of discipline and control. Start with your short term goals. What will you accomplish in a daily, weekly, monthly or perhaps even quarterly schedule. Then move into your medium and longer range goals. Say, where would you want to be within the next 5 years, or so. Always remember, in five years you will always be 5 years older, but why not also be richer, smarter, financially liberated, earning passive and residual income having broken out of the selling ‘time for money’ mindset that keeps people from pursuing their loftier goals. What the heck, it’s the same five years, right? Make it happen for yourself and then look over your shoulder and say, "Wow, look how far I have traveled, one step and one day at a time." Here Are Your Brainstorm Questions: What is it that you really want? Why is it that you want it? Do you have the fire in your belly to get it? What will it do for you? When will you reach it? What is your timeframe for achieving this? What are you going to give in return for this goal? After you chew on this, write out a clear goal and a complete statement of the synopsis of these answers. Don’t be flip about it. Write everything out clearly and concisely and put it on many 3×5 cards where you can read them every day and night.. Feel it and see it as being done. These are success habits that once implemented twill make you far more productive as you focus on what it is that you really want in your life. Don’t be the tiger that goes for the kill and then forgets to eat everything. Get these statements everywhere that you are. The car, the bathroom mirror, by the bedside (be creative). The first and very last thing that you see in your waking hour has got to be this statement. And don’t even worry about how you will achieve the complex steps, just work on the end product. Your subconscious and the universe will do the rest and send you ways to achieve your goal the easiest. Keep a record, or log, or recognition board in a timeline fashion where you record your accomplishments and your wins. 相关的主题文章: