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The shocking job losses at the end of the last decade have resulted in reversing the prosperity curve, with the highest rate of unemployment since the early 1980s. Although, the recovery is slower, however, there is evidence that the economy and hiring trends especially in IT industry is on the rise in 2011 and 2012. It is considered that the year 2011-2012 would be the time when one can finally experience some improvements. IT professionals, more than any other sector, must keep up with the latest trends and technologies. 1.Big Gains in Information Technology Sector The survey and analysis of employment index which provides broad and comprehensive monthly analysis of online job demand, gives a constant snapshot of the current hiring trends. This year, employment index, sees big gains in technology hiring with a 20% annual growth in the IT and mathematical occupational category. In a manner it increase IT training and certification demands amongst the students and professionals. 2.Certifications Impact Pay Huge According to international standards, one of the significant factors affecting the salary of IT professionals is IT certification. Achieving one or more certification always pays back, anywhere from basic CompTIA A+ Certification to the advanced Cisco Certification. However, hands-on knowledge of a particular skill-set is also mandate, when one combines effect of in-demand skill set and specific flashy certification, to justify a particular job role, the salary raise happens on its own. 3.Some IT Certifications are better than others Although, there are many certifications in the market, however, only few carries influence in the industry. Industry veterans say that not all certification create equal paycheck impact. Here is the list of top IT Certifications as we move ahead into 2011. Project Management Professional Certification Microsofts Certified Systems Engineers Certification CompTIA A+ Certification CCNA Certification (Cisco Certified Network Associates) MCITP Certification (Microsoft Certified Professionals) CompTIA Network + Certification CISSP Certification CISA Certification Microsoft Certified Systems Administrator Certification ITIL Certification CompTIA Security + Certification VMware Certification 4.Personal Branding and implementing soft skills IT professionals already have an awful rapport for having poor people skills. Hence, organizations are taking initiatives to improve the prevailing situation. Some IT major, including CompTIA has gone as far as to include the soft skills and mandate for clearing the certification. Employers are taking special note of ones soft skills in the interview and hiring process. The key points are verbal communications, mutual respect and listening skills. 5.Growth in MCITP certification benefits IT industry has started accepting to the Microsoft MCITP certification. Initially, the adoption rate was slow; however now, MCITP has grown and outshined MCSE into premier certification of its own. Professionals gain more economically. The overall data shows that Microsofts production is showing that the demand for the MCITP has grown tremendously. 6.MCITP Server Administrator Average salary for professionals certified in this technology in 2010 is $86,232 vs. 2008 $83,506. The main focus is on profile and monitor servers, management of infrastructure and web and app servers, as well as the server OS, file and directory services. 7.MCITP Enterprise Administrator Average salary for professionals certified in this technology in 2010 is 97,105 vs. 2008 Average Salary which was $86,825. Professionals gain knowledge in decision making for networking, directory services, security, contingency and more. 8.VOIP demands The demands and implementation of VOIP technology has led new and improved voice certification. Cisco has rebranded few certification programs in which CCNP Voice Certification (previously known as the CCVP) has introduced. Also, CompTIA is touching newer shores with CompTIA CTP+ certification. 9.Department of Defense DOD In the landscape of IT hiring Department of Defense Directive 8570.1 had been very influential, which is required to be continued in 2011. The directive indicate that all Department of Defense technical staff, contractors and managers hold prescribed certifications in order to maintain the integrity of the military’s important data. 10.Diverse skills Among the skills where growth is expected in 2011 include: Technological Proficiency Security Networking Infrastructure Support Electronic Medical Records Programming Business Mindset 11.Storage+ certification to increase in value Another significant area to look out this year is storage. As we accumulate more and more data, the importance of being able to store and safeguard that data increases. CompTIA has partnered with SNIA to bring a new storage certification to cater the needs for storage expertise. Look for the new CompTIA Storage+ certification to increase in value in 2011 and lead to additional storage-based IT credentials. About the Author: Mercury Solutions Limited offers the worlds best IT Training & certification courses. 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