Christening 郎朗钢琴广场揭幕 老人逼小孩让座

Home-and-Family Christening invitations are sent out during the Christian baptismal ceremony performed for babies and young children. The actual word, Christening, has its origins in English culture. The word derives the name Jesus as the Christ and it means to bring one to Christ. Although the ceremony is primarily performed for infants and babies there is a similar ceremony performed for adults which is normally referred to as a baptism. Oftentimes during these ceremonies, babies are given Christian names as a part of the ritual. Hundreds of years ago, parents waited until the baby was Christened before they were given their name. The name is considered the child’s Christian name. But in modern practices, the child’s name has already been given before the ritual. But an additional name may be given during the ceremony. This will typically be added to the middle name. These services are all done in the church of the family that is have their child Christened. If the family does not belong to a church, the ceremony is typically performed at the church of the child’s God parents. This is a very special occasion that is honored by many people of the Christian faith. This ceremony is biblical and is a long tradition of the Christian faith. Every Christian church practices some variation of this ceremony. The head minister or reverend will oversee the ceremony which is considered a sacrament to God. It is taken very serious by those of the Christian faith. The babies are prayed for and blessed by the presiding Minister. Family and friends serve as witnesses to the event. This ceremony is considered to be a sacrament and is extremely important to the Christian faith. Family members and the friends of family all join together to honor the baby or child that is being Christen. All will be in attendance at the church ceremony. It is a wonderful occasion of celebration. There are certain rituals that are a part of the ceremony. The baby is dressed in a white gown that is made especially for this event. Young girls will wear white Christening dresses and the boys will wear white Christening suits. The baby is presented with their first bible with their Christening date imprinted somewhere on the cover or within the pages. The guests offer their gifts after the ceremony. The family usually has a party at their home after the child has be Christened at the church. It is common practice to celebrate the event with a big family meal. After-wards, the family will receive gifts for the baby. It is common for the baby to receive several bibles as gifts as well. Christening invitations can be purchased at any stationary store. They are also sold online at special discounted prices. The designs vary but the are usually made in soft designs with religious references. The colors are usually pastels. All of the vital information pertaining the event will be detailed inside of the card. It is even possible to customize your invitations with pictures of the child that is being Christened. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: