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Shopping-and-Product-Reviews Jeffery Archers novels create stories that skirt the edges of any substantial reality and are known for capturing an unforgettable moment in time, whether tragic, comic, or outrageous. He allows his readers the luxury of suspending disbelief. Most of his books make you laugh while others will bring you to tears but, once again, every one of them will demand that you keep turning the page until you finally discover what happens to this remarkable cast of characters. International bestselling author Jeffrey Archer has spent the last five years gathering spellbinding stories from around the globe. Educated at Oxford University, at the age of thirty four, he wrote his first novel, Not a Penny More, Not a Penny Less. It was sold to seventeen countries within a year. This book was also made into a successful serial for BBC Radio 4, and was later televised in 1990 by the BBC. In 1977, he published his second book, Shall We Tell the President, a fast moving thriller about a plot to assassinate Edward Kennedy while he was President of the United States. From that point on Archer produced almost a book a year for the next twenty years. He is now published in sixty-three countries and more than thirty-two languages, with international sales totaling over 125 million copies. Kane and Abel proved to be his best-selling work, reaching number one on the New York Times bestsellers list. The book told the story of two men, one Polish, an illegitimate son of a gypsy, the other rich and privileged from a wealthy Boston banking family. The novel became a number one best-seller in hardcover and paperback all over the world and has sold over 3.5 million in the UK paperback edition alone. This was followed by A Quiver Full of Arrows, The Prodigal Daughter, (the sequel to Kane and Abel.) The novel Jeffrey Archer was destined to write with his detailed knowledge and past experience as a Member of Parliament, came next, titled First Among Equals. His other successful works include A matter of Honor, A Twist in the Tale, As the Crow flies, Honor Among Thieves, The Twelve Red Herrings, The fourth Estate, to name a few. You can buy books by Jeffrey Archer online where there are huge discounts offered. There are some stores that offer discounts up to 42 percent, if you are one of their members. The main advantage if you buy books online is getting a fresh copy at an amazingly discounted price. You also get a 7 days return protection with free shipping and cash on delivery. Place an order for your copy today! About the Author: 相关的主题文章: