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Pets It is essential to have a dog collar on your dog, as it is often the law in most places to have your rabies shot tag attached to your dog for safety measures. These days, a lot of people don’t seem to mind that dog collars are mandatory, because personalized dog collars have completely given a new look. You can easily make your dog stand out and be unique simply by getting him/her a specialized collar. Here are some tips and advice on finding the best personalized dog collar….. Personalized Dog Collar – Depending on the kind of dog you have, you can get all kinds of custom designed collars in all makes of collars, including regular snap on collars, leather, and martingales. These also make good gifts, as you can get them designed to suit and reflect the personality and likes of the canine owner. Standing out from the crowd – Gold, silver, platinum, and other precious metals can be added to the collar to make it unique, and you can also choose from many different materials for the collar itself, such as suede, leather, vinyl, and even cotton. Rhinestone Dog Collar are quickly becoming a popular and unique addition to personalized dog collars. You may also have unique gemstones like rubies, zircons, crystals… and even diamonds, put on the collar and designed in gorgeous patterns. Most commonly, crystals have been used to spell the pet’s name, and they make the collar look more appealing in general. The good thing about designer collars and unique collars, is that they are both fancy, yet they are also functional. Sizing – Since there are many breeds and types of dogs, it is extremely important that you always measure your dog first, before getting a personalized dog collar, so that you do not get the wrong size. Dog’s collars are measured in inches, and most often the bigger the dog, the larger their collar, however this is not always the case, but keep the following chart in mind: – "Toy sized dogs", 8-9in – small sized dogs, 10-14 inches – Small to medium- 14-16 inches – Medium dogs, 16 to 18 inches – Larger dogs, 20 to 22 inches – Very Large Breed Dogs, 22-24 in Most collars have a width of about an inch to about 1 inch, and to scale things.. The 10-14 inch collars are most commonly used with dogs like Jack Russell Terriers, Shelties etc…because they have smaller necks. Bigger dogs, like Labs, Retrievers, Dalmatians etc.. can have a varied collar size, because their neck sizes generally range anywhere from 14 to 20 inches, and likewise for large breed dogs; which is why you should always measure your dog’s neck circumference. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: