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A Sa self peach blossom constantly: always have a lot of Sa (data plan) according to Hongkong media reports, wireless game show "I love Hongkong" last night for video, Chariene Choi (a Sa), Zhang Jingxuan, Kara Hui, Angie Cheung, Hugo Ng and Emily Kwan as guests, including Sa and Zhang Jingxuan on behalf of the Sham Shui Po District, body captain Zhang Jingxuan smiled their goal was very low, can become a champion on it. As for the Arab League Sa will find a teammate Li Chengze calculations can win. Please have asked Master Li when calculating Mr. Right? A Sa smile: "he has helped me in the house of Feng Shui, he is a little more to meet my mother!" Zhang Jingxuan was asked in a Sa when there is a peach blossom? A Sa boasted: "it has always been a lot better, not broken!" Zhang Jingxuan is a good peach blossom or peach? Ah Sa said doing entertainment peach is popular, Zhang Jingxuan said he has "silkworm" pattern, also represents a peach. Two people talked about their topic, Zhang Jingxuan refers to the current prices rise, or rent their homes more secure. Sa also said a few days ago discussing with her mother feel good before the property market, property prices are too expensive now. Zhang Jingxuan is no more a sarcastic laugh at her.相关的主题文章: