A suite of nearly 6 million Chinese students shocked Canada Real Estate winfast

A suite of nearly 6 million students earn China real shock Canada – "Vancouver sun" reported screenshot in your mind, China study (course) students abroad are doing what? Is an academic achievement, with stunning foreigners, or sightseeing, buying luxury goods, enjoy life? Probably all have. Today, Chinese students seem to have more than a specialty – real. The students real, Canada commentator called "very powerful" according to the "Vancouver sun" reported that the New Democratic Party of Canada (NDP) housing commentator David Eby on Wednesday held a press conference, presented a copy of the Party of Vancouver Gray (Point Grey) a district of the sale of residential property documents. Documents show that in the Gray promontory area, there are 9 total value of up to $57 million house buyers, are labeled as "students". Moreover, due to the name of the owner of the house are Chinese Pinyin, these 9 students are likely to be chinese! David Eby also specifically referred to a place in the West eight Street (West 8th Avenue) luxury. In April last year, this mansion is a Chinese students to 7 million 190 thousand Canadian dollars (about 36 million 400 thousand yuan) to buy, and in May of this year, the name is " Xuan Kai Huang" the students in the house sold for $8 million 350 thousand, net profit of $1 million 160 thousand (about 5 million 850 thousand yuan). "Vancouver sun" also mentioned that the Canadian media group Postmedia on Wednesday tried to call the Huang students, but the voice mailbox is full. The Huang students, so that every small series (micro signal: nbdnews) can not remember another called "Tian Yu Zhou" students. According to the "Vancouver sun" in May a report: at the beginning of this year, a registered Tian Yu Zhou named " " the Chinese to 31 million 100 thousand Canadian dollars (about 157 million yuan) of the high price to buy a house in Vancouver District of Cape Gray, this price also hit the highest price record this year Vancouver mansion, shocked canada. At the same time, the document shows that the Tian Yu Zhou career is also " student ". In view of this, Zhou students is "Gray Cape nine little" Song (a joke). In a press conference on Wednesday, David Eby also quoted on Gray Cape District 172 residential sale of the party. Data show that: the temperature of West Gray Cape district has 9 high building property owners are students, which only 6 students is the registered owner; otherwise the 3 building is the double owners, respectively by businessmen and students, businessmen and students, female students with no marked occupation have in common. In addition, the document also shows that 9 of the property owners have about $40 million from bank loans. Vancouver housing prices soared to around sixth this year, " Chinese real house prices in Canada " elevation; the argument has been spread in canada. Although Chinese buyers in.相关的主题文章: