After BMW lost La Rong


day, I drove on the 70 Avenue Rong meters riding La, director and camera riding the electric car trailing shooting. After the director also arranged for a stroll in the ancient city of my arty lens, he put the power of my blind date failed in Lijiang story to go into Gangren pocci endless road.

ERON night

I described the story, the protagonist is captain Hatchie, he left went to australia. This year his riding plans across the Australian desert, crossing the Pacific riding in Bolivia.

2008 torchbearer

prior to departure, in the "nofollow" > Lijiang players gathered in the water mill for his practice, he said, if still alive, will return to Lijiang . Words from the more than and 70 year old population, let us look very solemn. I also put in the global process of captain told the director, "nofollow" > this seemingly casual place, some passing wanderers, and they can be a powerful and unconstrained style is rare!


With the

twelve multinational team of "nofollow" > riding stories in the nationwide spread rapidly, and the special radio play in in Lijiang again, I became Lijiang people. Acquaintance. Because I never watch TV, when those strangers in the street to recognize me, will take the initiative to say hello to me, but also concerned with the sentence, "brother, to find a wife?"

pass Sahuan

tall and handsome "Bao La Rong" with me on TV? With a after is also famous, but also on the car thief "BMW list", it will become dangerous situation. One day overtime, for coming home late, I locked it in a radio and Television Bureau building shed. This thought under the surveillance camera shed can ensure that it is not violated, but the second day cup!

at 3 a.m.;