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family education | parent-child picture book tasting manual Stephen · gray is one in the field of medicine has a very important discovery and breakthrough scientists. When the reporter interviewed him and asked him why he would be more creative than the average person, what is the way to make him be extraordinary? His answer was very surprising, he said: "this is what I did with my mother when I was a child. Once I want to take a bottle of milk in the refrigerator, but the bottle is too slippery, I didn’t catch on, the bottles fell to the ground, milk spilled all over the floor, it is the ocean of milk! My mother saw it, but she didn’t criticize me! The trouble you’ve made is really great! I’ve never seen such a big milk! Well, anyway, the bottle is broken, so before we clean it up, do you want to play in the milk for a few minutes? I was so happy to hear my mother say that, and immediately played in the milk. A few minutes later, my mother said to me, you know, no matter what the future, you have to clean it, and to put everything as it is. So what are you going to do? We could use a sponge, a towel or a mop. Which one would you like to use? I chose the sponge, my mother and I cleaned the floor of the milk." Scientists say here, even reporters are very envious of his such a tolerant, lovely mother. The scientist then said, "it’s not finished. After we have finished cleaning, my mother said," just now, you have failed to pick up the big milk bottle with your two hands. Now, let’s go to the back yard and fill the bottle with water and see if you can pick it up and not let it fall. I soon found that the bottle would not slip out of my hand as long as I grabbed the top of the bottle with my hands close to the mouth of the bottle!" "It was a great lesson!" Reporter sighed road. "Yeah, since then, I know I don’t have to be afraid to make any mistakes. Because mistakes are often the opportunity to learn new knowledge. The same is true of scientific experiments, even if the experiment fails, I can learn a lot from it." Many people have been touched by this story, we can also get some inspiration from it: 1, do not rush to criticize the child. We are raising children, not flowers, a glass window, a plate, cattle feeding bottle…… Other things you can find alternatives, the only child is the one and only, just make the children will always be very fear, parents should comfort the child, do not rush to criticism. 2, let the children learn the correct way to deal with. "What are you going to do?" Help children face the consequences of mistakes, so that children can take the wrong, you should do. "Do you want to know how to get the milk bottle?" This time, you help him find the right solution, the child will draw相关的主题文章: