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Almighty Mr. Manchester United without C in Luo He is the first [collection] Belarus 0-0 France Giroux in column repeatedly Miss Glenn sports news September 7th Tencent Saltzman although the French team in the 0-0 away for war in Russia, but on the pitch but Gregory Saltzman is very exciting, but he is not through any threat to the other door and the ball. Also many times to teammates sent pass, can pass to shoot in the side, Glenn Seidman attributes so comprehensive, no wonder the United have listed him as the number one transfer target in 2017. At the beginning of the game 8 minutes, a free kick by Gregory Saltzman test goalkeeper, because his shot was somewhat erratic, when goalkeeper shrimp ball, the body has even reached the gate line within fifty-eighth minutes, and glibenclamide; use Saltzman free kick to shoot directly, this time he made a greater threat, goalkeeper there is no chance to catch, holds the ball beam. In addition to threatening to shoot the door with each other, the game is still playing the role of the organizers. Fifty-third minutes, Gregory Saltzman passing by each other trying to block a bit, almost back to the box he homeopathic heel knock the ball, accurate fell forward GIRU feet, but the latter bursts wide right; eighty-fourth minutes and with the wall with his teammates to make exquisite Gregory Saltzman, but Gameiro was stopping mistakes destroyed by each other, "team" very regret: "this is a goal!" Although Gregory failed to win the French team led the study, but his performance obvious to people, after the "net" to he hit a team high 7 points: "France’s most dangerous player, a few shots test the goalkeeper, but also sent some exquisite pass from the root for him to score goals tried almost everything you can do." For the 25 year old Glenn Saltzman, he is not only the French team is the main force, at Atletico is also an essential part of the heart attack, his last season in 38 league games with 22 goals and 5 assists, scored 7 goals in 13 UEFA Champions League is the game. With outstanding performance in the league and the Champions League, and led the French team at this summer’s European Cup finals, Gregory also nominated Saltzman in Europe this year the best players in the final list of three people, but no matter in the final of the Champions League, European Cup final and European player of the competition by Gregory, finally lost their for the same person, C ronaldo! Because there is such a good performance, not only many times by the mentor Simonyi Saltzman Gregory called "the world’s top three, and he has become a favorite object of manchester. According to British media the latest reports, the Red Devils have him as a prime target for the 2017 transfer, Mourinho as his successor Rooney, Manchester United this summer for 89 million pounds price redemption bogeba, for Glenn Seidman, Manchester United again for him even willing to break the club record transfer fee, this shows the importance of the French high. (anckie)相关的主题文章: