And on the 6 day of the Tibet Peru Pajero Road mud, faith & Sichuan Tibet line auto – Sohu-t420s

And on the 6 day of the Tibet Peru Pajero Road: mud, faith & Sichuan Tibet line auto – Sohu that I turned around mountains and water pagoda, not for the afterlife is the only way to meet with you — you are the first time to Tibet, but here no strangeness, beautiful from the previous TV drama and Cangyangjiacuo’s poem, heart of the holy land of the hidden secret road of deja vu, more is to let the mind everything about Tibet’s beautiful imagination into the real eyes. It is also an opportunity, before the event is confirmed, there are more coastal cities and scenic spots need to participate in the activities, but at the beginning of the choice, I will firmly chose the secret Tibet road". Because I know that this is the world to the United States, with more difficult to reach the usual driving drive here, machinery outside the direct mind of things, this time should be personal and car together for a pilgrimage to Tibet. Of course, this is not and "KORA" in Lhasa that Zhang Shuhao riding condition is difficult, because we have a more reliable partner — imported MITSUBISHI Pajero and its family members together, it can let us in spite of the schedule is very hasty, but still have enough time to stop and enjoy the beautiful the scenery. Learned from the advance of the itinerary, it will reap the joy of full brain. This trip is mainly through the Sichuan Tibet line of Linzhi – Lhasa section, will pass along the original Lin Lu Lang, "Oriental Switzerland" — Rouland Town, "shy girl — namjagbrawa peak", "goddess of tears" — Niyanghe, "green water" — the bassoon, and the highest point Sichuan Tibet line 5013 meters Yamaguchi Mira finally arrived in Lhasa. After a beautiful name, a desirable Saint King, all of which are only experienced, you can see amazing mouth can Zhang much. With a thick coat of clothing, computer, camera, driving a car on, we set off! No mud, no off-road! From the meaning of the name Pajero we can feel it, "Charlotte" is not a "good work to remain in a proper sphere of youth", its bones revealed a wild, wild tigers like this nature, to grassland and hunting, if caged. Still, it is another picture of a park "cat" nice appearance. It belongs to "lynx" Pajero road is in the gentle coastal highway, nor in the cruise in the end of the highway, but not in the city of Victoria was blocked off the crowd. The plain is too tame, grassland too quiet, too comfortable on the basin, only the road resistance and long plateau, and is covered with mud that plateau Road, is the pursuit of the bobcats! Take the early flight from Chengdu arrived in Linzhi, just in time to escape the fall in the sky still rejoice in the haze of Beijing, is a pure oxygen plateau was almost on the head. Fang Shengjie took the host hada, quickly assigned to more than and 20 cars on the road, the Tibet Peru is more like a stay away trip. The airport go right, directly into the forest to the pulling speed, this just is a drive name under the banner of the "plateau tourism group", did not expect less than twenty minutes,.相关的主题文章: