Anime sucks man in the bedroom people get sick items

"Anime sucks" man in the bedroom disgusting items with "little expectation" thoughts of boys was invited to visit his bedroom, often accompanied by the tension and excitement of the heart. However, when you see these things, woman easily turned away. Recently, the Japanese media selected 6 women do not want to see things in the opposite sex room." One, really sick! Animation periphery. "The girl’s hand to do. Like the two dimensional man can not see reality." "Cartoon character pillow. In the end is what kind of feelings in order to tightly embrace that kind of thing? It’s disgusting." Most women choose the "comic", although posters and magazines will make people care, but go and pillow really will make people feel very sick. Two, at least to hide! Peach objects. "Dirty magazines and DVD. Although this is not unacceptable, but at least hidden in the place can not find it?" "Very heavy work piece in the mouth. Generally even, in that really make me sick." As a man, girls can understand their work, but they don’t want this stuff onto the table. Three, idiotic…… Loli Department of the idol surrounding. The portrait of a young girl. The girl is too cold. Will you." "The surrounding Lolita idol. Lolita control so disgusting." Four, do not love clean! Eat half of the stuff. "Something that’s not eaten. Will leave me a dirty impression." "No drink. I hate people who don’t care." Five, take you…… Cosmetics for women. I hate is better than me. "." "More expensive than their own cosmetics. The woman felt completely lost." Six, why not throw? Former things. "Ex girlfriend’s underwear. For men who don’t throw it away." "What the ex girlfriend used. Been there to make me big." Dead house is likely to account for the first four, like cos’s dead house may account for the top five. Small partners pay attention to it, if the mother said that if you can encounter this invitation to enter the room sister, we must pay attention to the image ah. But we should not worry about the last one, ha ha. Click to download Tencent anime APP, see more popular anime相关的主题文章: