Annual meeting friends gathered, hot pot dishes warm stomach

time flies, days like fingertips sand, inadvertently slipped quietly. Blink of an eye a year after year, imperceptibly, some have been very well to friends, have two or three years of time did not meet, little contact. I think, always missed when the fun, so more miss, miss the familiar space, miss the friend.

7 January, hanphone chose to hold my old Hot pot in the circle of excellent reputation chowhound taste of Jianghan Road Shu once a year will feast, invite friends to talk about the network Hot pot authentic goods, development plans. While I take tourism in hanphone moderator post, but because often travel on the road, on hanphone little enough; but hanphone to me, and always have a hard can only be the first true feelings can only be sensed, and some obviously familiar in the heart but haven’t seen for a long time friends, in my heart prevailed, and want to see my friends. He pushed over other activities on offer, readily invited to hanphone annual meeting date.

party location and convenient transportation, is also very good looking. From home to go by bus to the subway Xunlimen station, crossing the street a few steps for progress to the center of the department store, the first floor is to take the elevator to the eighth floor. The shop decoration is a typical Chinese style, China theatrical patterns and ornaments from the door of the shop to shop, everywhere, people in and feel the strong oriental flavor; Chuandou wooden shelf and exquisite decoration, and a lamp of exquisite chandelier, comfortable seat wrapping etc. also create a low-key but absolutely elegant atmosphere.

store the fresh and elegant lobby without losing gorgeous style, and box, deck, with both privacy and distinctive style space, may be used to eat the food stalls used to the hustle and bustle of the gluttonous guest used some, but this is my friends and I love, even if what all don’t eat, just sit the mood is cheerful,. So want to, bestie together, a couple of secret meetings, business negotiations, here is excellent.

wooden wall lamp copper lotus leaf, lotus full, true to life, attracted my kid’s eyes, shining eyes, seems to want to find true.

heard of "Wei Shu Wu", I feel awkward, computer typing, the output is "Wei Shuwu". Just know later, the name is actually "Wei Shu Wu" homophonic, shop decoration decoration, also three kingdoms culture theme. And its "Shu Shu," the three word annotation is more true meaning, meaning is not simple: where the way to eat, to taste led. Not cooking, the first material kitchen Xian, the enemy’s strength, passengers Zhonggua, the decline of Wang, food quality. Material has been audited, and then out of the pot, the taste will belong to me.

Wei Shu Wu old Hot pot, Weiyuan was born in Chengdu, Chongqing, Chengdu ranks the ten largest brand Hot pot;