Apple’s stock price continued to decline Trump elected or impact of Sino US trade jinshen

Apple’s stock price continued to decline Trump elected or impact of Sino US trade Sina Technology News Beijing time on November 15th morning news, on Monday, the continuation of the recent decline in Apple’s stock price. Investors worry that if the newly elected president of the United States Trump trade between China and the United States to take a new tariff rate, then iPhone sales will be adversely affected. After last Tuesday’s U.S. presidential election, a number of technology companies, including Amazon, Alphabet, Facebook and apple, stocks have suffered a sell-off. Investors are starting to sell technology companies to buy shares in financial and utility companies. Trump is expected to relax regulation of the financial sector, while increasing investment in infrastructure. On Monday, Apple shares fell 2.5%. Since last Tuesday, the company’s share price has fallen by nearly 5%, while the S & P 500 index rose by more than the same period last year to $1.16%. Make apple investors uneasy, Chinese "Global Times" published Monday column said, if Trump cashed in the campaign promise of all goods imported from China 45% tariffs, then Chinese will carry out "tit for tat retaliation". Column said: "when a large number of orders for Boeing aircraft will be transferred to the European Airbus hand, U.S. auto sales in China will fell, apple mobile phone almost was crowding out, U.S. soybean and corn from Chinese extinct." Apple’s situation in the Chinese market has been disappointing. Recently, the Chinese market failed to achieve rapid growth in Apple’s expectations in order to offset the impact of the United States and other mature markets iPhone sales slowdown. As of the end of September in this quarter, apple Chinese market revenue fell 30%, higher than the U.S. market fell 7% year on year. Rosenblatt Securities analyst Zhang Jun said that trade disputes between China and the United States, as well as the decline in the RMB exchange rate will be detrimental to Apple’s sales in the Chinese market. He expects the Chinese market iPhone sales fell in October, even if the supply problem is solved iPhone 7 Plus. Synovus Trust Company senior portfolio manager Daniel · (Daniel Morgan) holds $33 million worth of apple stocks. He said that in the near future, should not be too much interpretation of Trump’s remarks on the Sino US trade during the election campaign. "You’re not going to step in and rewrite the trade agreement." (Li Li)相关的主题文章: