Arsenal beat Basel ou Guancai any nine Hot pot 290 yuan

Arsenal beat Basel ou Guancai any nine "Hot pot" 290 yuan Ren nine lottery Beijing time on September 29th, the nine 16146th lottery announced. The first prize in the 37441 note 290 yuan. The period of any nine bets amounted to $17001838. The color fruit: the Champions League game, Real Madrid away 2-2 draw with Dortmund, Juventus win 4-0 SA Glenn, Leicester 1-0 Lectra Oporto, Naples and Malaysia in the home court Jingjun Arsenal defeated their opponents, Manchester away 3-3 draw with Celtic, Borussia lost to Barcelona, once lost to Paris lu. Other times, Monaco 1-1 draw with Leverkusen, Mo army 0-1 against Tottenham, Lisbon beat Warsaw 2-0, Copenhagen 4-0 bloodbath Bruges Seville 1 ball victory over lyon. Victory in Monaco Mo army – the brother of the city of Lecce Kazakhstan Trelease Seville SA Lu Duogenabulemen Leningrad Arsenal Sing Celt Ma athletic reminder: the deadline for the period of awarding the November 28, 2016, overdue for Qijiang treatment screenings Shengping Fu ranking popular football lottery quiz optional 9 Statistics (percentage) 16146 ranking number and name field popular guess guess win ratio flat ratio guess the actual game results in negative proportion to Celtic VS Manchester City 3.71 VS Bayern 24.96 16.33 79.96 37.17 37.87 horse competition Dortmund VS 28.18 Real Madrid 39.83 31.99 Monaco VS "42.53 34.41 23.06 23.14 33.97 42.9 Mo army Tottenham VS Lecce city VS Oporto 43.81 35.66 20.53 Bruges 56.49 32.3 ha of this brother VS 11.21 VS 5.22 24.73 70.05 German Doge Lu SA in Leningrad VS Juventus 2.1 16.13 81.76 Arsenal Na VS Basel 14.01 Lisbon VS 89.62 8.87 1.51 3.28相关的主题文章: