Asia’s highest value of moon cake jiqingwuyuetian

The highest value of all Asian moon cake [Abstract] the Mid Autumn Festival approaching, only delicious two words seem to be enough to make a moon cake stand out. The moon cake is not only pleasing taste, but also the high value of heaven. Our eyes toured the whole of Asia, and finally found the highest value of moon cake! No 1 in the village of fujiyoshi · Japanese national treasure tea cakes tea dessert shop in the village of fujiyoshi, settled in Japan last year for the first time outside of Hongkong, Hongkong immediately became the latest hot popularity shop. Mid Autumn Festival this year, Nakamura Toshi homeopathic in Hongkong launched a limited edition "ninety moon cake gift box". A Japanese tea moon cake gift box two and sweet taste of moon cake, the new full production by Japan kyoto. Moon cake looks like a sweet pudding. With the hand picked from Chengdu Matcha tea, and through a series of milling, covering, steaming refining steps. Taste the fragrance of moon cake with a cup of tea and drinks, is to meet the control of their green tea. No 2 Pierre Hermé · Macarons moon "Macarons circle Hermes" Pierre Hermé is Paris’s most famous dessert, founder of Pierre Hermé also known as the "dessert industry Picasso", or "popular Macarons master". Pierre Hermé create a variety of classic taste of French dessert, but from the beginning of last year, Pierre Hermé the Mid Autumn Festival will launch "redefine the traditional moon cake: the traditional lotus seed paste, by elaborate handmade chocolate substitute. For cocoa fancier, Pierre Hermé the strong taste of chocolate "moon cakes" version of their hit "sweet spot". The moon cake top with special chocolate chips, inspired by the different forms of the moon, from the moon to the full moon, on behalf of the moon. No 3 black mage · milk yellow & black mage banana cake cocoa was founded in early 2013 is a young West brand, style of a dark tone. Black mage is committed to the integration of modern visual elements in traditional food, knock the benefits of micro sweet taste and minimalist dark design and packaging, so that the black mage has become a young man in the city of cult dessert. Mid autumn moon cake gift box is completed by the black mage independent design, the box is black mage iconic hot silver moon, the envelope line of rough golden cloud river is inspired in October last year the "Kyoto Lynn sent four hundred years" exhibition this year launched the black mage custard flavor of cocoa and bananas two classic taste moon cake. Classic milk yellow taste is salty mouth, open milk fragrance overflowing; banana cocoa is the best black mage chocolate dessert, but also many people’s heart good. The pattern on the moon cake is the hedgehog pattern of the black mage". No 4 Mandarin Oriental Kuala Lumpur; ice cream moon cake famous five-star hotel; ·.相关的主题文章: