August Beijing housing turnover since the outbreak of new housing transactions fold w-inds.

August Beijing housing turnover since the outbreak of the average price of new housing transaction agency data show that last week, the city’s new house turnover 2372 sets of second-hand housing turnover of 5952 sets. Overall, in August the second half of second-hand housing turnover exceeded 20 thousand sets. Albert I love my home data show that last week (August 22nd -8 28), Beijing new commodity housing (excluding low-income housing) net signed 2372 sets, an increase of 9.3%, but the overall level of transactions is still low. Price, on August (as of 26), the average price of new premises turnover of $30141 square meters, the chain fell by 9.2% in the month of July. Last week, second-hand housing, the city’s second-hand housing net signed 5952 sets, rose 4.2%, which also makes the second-hand housing transaction volume in August again exceeded 20 thousand units. Since the outbreak of August housing turnover low the average transaction price of new homes Albert I love my home data show that in August the city of Beijing new residential project, the largest volume is Hengda riverside left (real estate information), dragon Guanguan (Huayuan Real Estate Information), Beijing urban construction liberte three projects, all of them are from the housing project. The left bank, the Dragon Guanguan Hengda riverside Huayuan turnover of thousands, far more than other projects. Albert I love my home group vice president Hu Jinghui analysis, June prices dropped significantly, mainly because of the price and the price is relatively low and suburb suburban apartment products, a large number of transactions in August; prices callback, it is because a large number of transaction price is generally lower than that of self occupied housing. Data show that as of August 26th, in Beijing in August ordinary residential, apartment products, villa trading volume declined compared with the year in July, only since the housing rose 60.9%. In the case of the overall transaction size is smaller, the transaction structure is the main reason for the monthly average price of new houses in Beijing larger fluctuations. Second hand housing, the market in July and in August the overall stability. However, after the technical correction in June, the current average monthly volume of second-hand housing in Beijing compared with the first half of the decline. Commercial housing inventory innovation low prices will remain stable Albert I love my family data show that in August the city of Beijing, the supply of new residential area of 355 thousand and 700 square meters, the chain in the month of July dropped by $65%. The supply has hit the lowest monthly level since February, and has been at a low level since the month of 2014 since the month of 2016. Data show that as of August 26th, Beijing commercial housing stock area of 12 million 495 thousand and 500 square meters, compared to the end of July 4.9% decline, the stock of which is the smallest since April 2014. Hu Jinghui analysts believe that, on the whole, Beijing does not exist to inventory problems. Hu Jinghui said that at present the flat products demand and inventory are widely released, future transactions will gradually decrease; the luxury market due to the early high frequent, the future will usher in the peak of supply. At present, the new home market affected by the transaction structure is very large, self occupied commercial housing will become the main factor affecting the price of new homes in the three or four quarter trend." Hu Jinghui said that with the home-based housing supply peak ushered in the three or four quarter will be.相关的主题文章: