Autumn comes! Nourishing Runzao, meat soup Tremella drink apple

Autumn comes! Nourishing Runzao, drink meat soup Tremella to apple fruit fragrance, an invigorating autumn climate season, in addition to the use of edible Chinese herbal medicine, Guangdong is also very love with fruit as soup, meat soup Tremella which apple is a moist and delicious health soup, very suitable for drinking in dry autumn season. Practice: 4 apple peel and core diced lean meat 400 Kocse thick slices, jujube 6 pieces, tremella 2~3 flower stalks soak for about half an hour, 1~2 thick slices of carrot root, ginger 3. Put the materials together into the cooker, add water 2500 ml (about 10 bowls of water), Wu Huo pot boiling simmer and cook for 1 hours, transferred amount of salt can be. This amount is 3 to 4 people with. Effect: apple is rich in nutrition, delicious taste, flat, sweet and sour, with thirst, lungs Chufan, spleen and stomach, nourishing qi, Runchang, diarrhea, summerheat, hangover and other effects. Apple flavor can alleviate the excessive pressure caused by the bad mood, and refreshing, so called "Yangxin opensyu Jiaguo". Tremella is also called white fungus, white fungus, tremella fruit, fungi belong to tremellaceae tremella, "bacteria in the crown" of the name. Tremella is a tonic medicine, flat, sweet, light, non-toxic, is moist but not greasy stagnation, spleen qi and stomach, nourishing yin and moistening effect is good, can be soothing to eat. Carrots, sweet natured, has Jianpixiaoshi, laxative, qi stagnation, nourishing liver and improving eyesight detoxification effect. Ganping sexual flavour jujube, can Yiqi, nourishing and moistening lung. Lean pork Ziyin Runzao Shengjin, and can make delicious soup. Lean meat soup Tremella apple with Spleen Qi, nourishing Runzao, Sheng Jin Chufan effect. The taste is mild, taste Gan delicious, people of all ages, especially for the lack of blood, dry skin, dry itchy nose, coughing food groups, in addition, menstruation and postpartum women can often drink. (people’s network)相关的主题文章: