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Babies-Toddler One of the most common problems a baby has during his or her first years is baby colic. It is not exactly known what causes it, however most of the times an upset stomach is at work here. When the baby has baby colic, it builds up gas in the stomach, which becomes quite swollen and it needs to release that gas somehow. This is when baby massage is needed to relief the gas from the intestines. While children cry a lot during their first year, especially due to the wind and colic issue, many parents feel quite helpless and not sure how to help their toddler in relieving their pain. Also many parents are panicking in their ignorance. This is why learning to properly do a stomach massage to their baby is beneficial in helping their kid get rid of baby colic and of that constant pain. One of the best ways to help your child get relief from stomach pains and colic is by learning how to do baby massage. This will relax the stomach muscles and will stop those nasty spasms that tend to come and go. The baby will be able to pass wind which is accumulated in the intestines. When it comes to the massage technique, make sure you have natural oils available for the massage. Avoid doing the massage right after eating as this will hurt more than help. To do the massage, move your hand around the belly button in a clockwise direction with the palm laying flat on the stomach. Make sure to use your fingertips to create tiny circles around the belly buttons and as a final stomach exercise, use again the full hand laying flat on the stomach by going clockwise around the abdomen. Then take the legs of your baby and do a bit of bicycle movement by alternating each leg. This will help push out the wind from the intestines. Next, stretch the legs using a light pressure and then wobble the legs a bit to push the last wind from the stomach out. If you think it helps, you can also massage each leg a a little, one at a time. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: