Bad habits die hard! Summer day the streets are frequent phenomenon – incineration Mingbi Beijing

Bad habits die hard! "Summer day" the streets are frequent phenomenon – incineration Mingbi Beijing yesterday was the 1th day of the tenth month of the Chinese lunar calendar, people known as the "summer day" since ancient times, this day have to pay customs and pay homage to the ancestors. Some small traders also aimed at the opportunity, on the side of the road or crossroads stall peddling Mingbi offerings. The reporter rushed onto the streets, there are still many people in the incineration Mingbi crossroads, a pile of ashes in the wind flying. Every year we advocate a civilized ritual, why every year old habits die hard? The streets are frequent phenomenon of incineration Mingbi crossroads become The atmosphere was foul. 6:30 last night Xu, the night has come completely, reporters from the door of the Suzaku Avenue South, found that many crossroads began to have people in the incineration mingbi. Suzaku door, the relevant departments in the roadside temporary set up some similar trash device, says Memorial civilization, but it seems to be a cold. At 7:20 PM, reporters came to the meridian Avenue and Zhang Road eight cross, found the cross direction of the four street Memorial public sidewalks have been occupied, pedestrians had to walk around. Night at 9:30, the reporters came to the crossroads again, found everywhere piles of burning ashes, some also braved the smoke, the wind blows flying everywhere. There are some people or kneeling or squatting on the ground, are busy burning various Memorial activities. In addition to paper, there are people holding candles, incense and other point, prayers. The crossroads became The atmosphere was foul. One is the candle of the public told reporters that his hometown in Weinan, because the work can not go back, only on the side of the road to the death of their parents send clothes "". In addition to a crossroads, some small intersection was also pay homage to the occupation population. In the West Street Square and five electronic Lagerstroemia cross road, on the sidewalk filled with burning ash after leaving Mingbi, some even put in the motor vehicle lane, people without feet. In addition to burning of the public, some vendors also saw an opportunity to sell Mingbi or other goods to small vendors, placed directly on the road. In addition to individual members of the public, after the burning of the ash can be cleaned away, the vast majority are left on the sidewalk. Many pedestrians through carefully. In addition to older people, the streets to pay homage to the population have the figure of young people. 10 pm, the reporter found in the West and the cross intersection, others in the incineration Mingbi, a young man caused the attention of reporters. The young man said he was more than and 30 years old, is near the village mutazai villagers, he wrote on the ground are the deceased grandparents’ names, two elderly people died early, at the time of burial, parents in poor health, he is for parents to Grandpa and grandma mingbi. "I know it’s not supposed to be, but it’s the old man’s heart, and I don’t want to go against it!" Extended to the cell door burning to pollute the environment. All at the reporter found that the memorial site in addition to some crossroads, even in some sections of the cell door has burning Mingbi, this practice has caused many area residents antipathy. West intersection of a cleaning staff master Wang told reporters, every year to around Tomb-sweeping Day and clothing festival, all of them very headache Jie相关的主题文章: